How Royal Revolt II penalizes its best players

How Royal Revolt II loves to mess with its best players.


  1. Increasing the amount of food required to fight a battle as a king’s level goes up. Flare’s [possible] thinking: “Let’s make a game where our best players play less as the game goes on. That makes complete sense.”
  2. Increasing Alliance levels to absurd heights (60+ coming soon, I’m sure.) Flare’s thinking: “Never let the best players actually win anything. Just make them jump through more hoops. And let no one ever think they’re done with any part of the game.”
  3. Increasing the amount of gems required to resurrect/scroll/open a chest as the king gets stronger. Flare’s thinking: “Let’s make them never want to spend gems because we price everything way too high. Why let high level kings actually use their pearls more than just a dozen times before they run out? It’s not like they earned it.”
  4. Keeping gems from players whose bases required the use of a scroll. Flare’s thinking: “If we remove 90% of the gems dropped in a base, it will make high level players work just as hard as low level players in obtaining gems. High level players don’t deserve gems, especially when they’ve built great bases that require scrolls.”
  5. Making worker costs astronomically high. Flare’s thinking, “That high level king is trying to upgrade his base? Why would we let him do that? We need to make sure that upgrading takes forever so that he’s not playing the game while waiting for other things to finish. Don’t give him any more workers. We don’t want players to play this game.”
  6. Allowing only one spell/troop to upgrade at a time. Flare’s thinking: “That king will get too strong if he spends his gold how he wishes. He can afford 2 upgrades at the same time now? Drag him down, team Flare. Don’t let him get strong at all, unless it takes him months.”
  7. Making 7 day gold shield unaffordable. Flare’s thinking, “Let’s see… 1 day gold shield costs 45 gems. How much is 7 x 45 gems? I can’t do math, but I think it’s 995 gems. That will stop those high level players from upgrading their expensive towers.”
  8. Keeping mid-level alliances boring by making elite boosts too expensive. Flare’s thinking: “Those elite boosts are really expensive. What if we make it so that only 1% of all players actually use them? Wouldn’t that make the game awesome for everyone, especially high level players in weaker alliances?”
  9. Limiting Windows players with no free offers for food. Flare’s thinking: “We developed for this Windows platform. But who like Windows players anyway? Let’s make sure they can’t win any league easily, even when they’re high level players.”

Anybody have any others?


(And take this as partly humorous. I know Flare has to make money: I just don’t think money should be made through frustrating its best players.)

The food cost for battles and cost of elite boosts is ridiculous.



We’re gonna run out of players cause no one wants to grind this game to mid-level or they spend there very important gems not knowing better and just plain can’t advance the game.

  1. More morale = more troops = more food :lol:


2, 8. Agree


With such rapid changes in the population of the top alliances.Alliances since top5 top10 top30 top50 top100 etc. - Everyone feels staff turnover in higher alliances.This is terrible for the development of medium and medium-high alliances.


  1. Again and again
  • Windows’ player’s experience grow slower :slightly_frowning_face:

while im totally agree with you, there is nothing we can do about it, most players around the world spend tons of money in this game having no idea about this forum. we are few people compared to those that want to win no matter what they have to do…


it is a shame such nice game. great at the beginig and so greedy in this moment… 


im waiting for next update to see if we have something to stay… 


i wish we could talk to someone different from jona, maybe some developoers, so like that we could transmit our feeling in the right way, and not just leaving this to someoe else. 


a y ahora me suspenden de nuevo por hablar sobre el baboso este otra vez. .l.  :slightly_frowning_face:

don’t see any problem with workers cost , food cost (food production is the problem for me) and one upgrade at a time for each things (spells , plan and troops) but other points are true

Food cost is the worst aspect for a higher level player, although its a pain, limiting spells and troops to one at a time is a good idea to slow the game down a little.


The biggest problem is the “I win” scrolls, level 80 kings can beat any base by using numerous scrolls, great … well done/stripped … if you want the leaderboard to represent some element of skill take 10% maybe 20% of trophy gains away for each scroll used, it won’t stop people attacking to get gold, but will limit stripping somewhat, which is something which has made the leaderboard rankings irrelevant no non strip boosted player currently can stay top 10. We have one of the poorest raiders in the game, propped up by his two stripping accounts regularly at #1, whereas some excellent raiders with strong bases (not me) are significantly lower as they are stripped back as soon as they get higher.

I second this

Number 4 is not true for high level bases only low-mid. I saw a screenshot not too long ago of a high level base earning 30+ gems per attack. The algorithm is there to prevent farming of gems at low level whereas high level bases get scrolled oftener for a bigger gem payout.

Upgrade your farms :grinning:

Blookie, think you can replace all the 9 paragraphs by only one: EXAGGERATED and INSOLENT GREED.


All the rest are just an outcome of this.