So i am noticing from the past one week that many bases are trying frosterblaster and boosted archers combo in their defence.but the main problem I am facing is that during a raid whenever I am using my level 7 swordrian against frosterblaster and boosted archer combo,froster blaster die instantaneously but health of the archer remains is this possible,ok I accept froster blaster Is healing boosted archers but since swordrian is an instant spell so it must effect frosterblaster and boosted archer at the time and kill them both.but boosted archer health remains as it I even not decreasing a little bit.

its cause level seven swordrain isn’t 1 shotting those power archers


I have level 12 swordrain and it will clear the whole wave you describe

Agreeing with TeH KeNstEr here: lvl 7 swordrain doesn’t kill boosted archers (many hitpoints and piercing resistance!), so they will be healed up by dying arblasters. If many enough arbs die, their total healing effect (stacking!) might heal them so quickly that the hitpoints bar won’t even change. 


Another reason for what you encountered might be some kind of randomly-occurring bug that is affecting swordrain and blizzard sometimes, where the spell damage just seems to be ignored completely, even for one-shot-kill situations. Look up the related topic for more detailed info (can be found by using the forum’s search feature). 

I have level 10 swordrain and it clears all of them except one and thats with any enemy Aroblasters wizards and all I no matter how many of any kind of enemy on the board when i use swordrain theres alway one left It didn’t used to be like that but I guess the developers ae getting greedier and greegier as the game goes because

the more imbalances in the game you point out the more they are goning to add to them This game is not changing for the better its only getting worse.i think the intended affect is to have all non money spending players quit automate the abandoned accounts to keep the oppnent pool with depth and only actually have 6 or 7 thousand big spenders playing against a computer instead of actual people

I think you are talking about 4000 plus gameplay but my trophies are 2990 and I don’t think players at this trophy level have max level archers which cannot be killed by level 7 swordrian.maybe I guess they are using level 8 archers but then also they didn’t show any decrease in health immediately after attack with swordrian.

BTW why are you not using level 12 swordrian of yours against us instead sitting like a statue or something with two fiefdoms at the top left corner;)

i didn’t know you were part of the HUNS. thought you had a good thing going with “funny people” or whatever it was called


and just like wivarlution, iNtEnSe is sitting out this season. hard to compete with alliances with around 10 more members than us


however this is off-topic, if you would like to continue this discussion please PM me instead or create a new topic for it

Lol…i was kidding…relax:-)

where in my message does it sound like I am not relaxing?


we get an 11 day break vs everyone else’s 3 days.

I think you guys can beat annhilators

Edit-now even we are also loosing against them…lololol

Angelic winning for the 3rd time in a row~ ((^o^)/) But we also started out a lot smaller than we should have been…