How to achieve: Supreme Victory in Conquest

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We will start working on a small guide for how Supreme Victory in Conquest works. Some members of the community have asked for that information. I hope to publish it here next week.

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Never ending story is the theme of your video? Let’s hope it’s not the case.

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We had many questions about how to achieve supreme victory, so one of our devs took the time to write the following guideline below. I hope it helps you. If you have further questions about it, please let me know.


Currently, the system works as follows.

(Note: We are still looking at such numbers, based on the community feedback and how we feel the conquest needs to be tweaked).


Supreme Victory Explanation:

The very basis of a supreme victory is rather simple.

Basic skulls per Hero: For each Hero that is participating in a war, you need to score 2.250 skulls in order to achieve a supreme victory. Let’s say the Attacker has three Heroes and the Defender has one hero, then as soon as one of the parties scores 11.250 skulls they are rewarded with a ‘Supreme Victory’.

However the amount of skulls you really need to score is modified by a few more factors:

Time: Within the first hours of a war a ‘Time-multiplier’ is applied in order to ensure that the defending party has some time to react to an attack. The ‘Time-multiplier’ starts with x8 and slowly reduces over the course of 10 hours to x1. So in our above example, a party that would want to score a ‘Supreme Victory’ directly at the start of the war, would need to get 11.250 skulls *8 = 90.000 skulls. After 5 hours the ‘Time-multiplier’ has reduced to 50% (x4,5), so the skulls needed then would be 11.250 skulls *4,5 = 50.625 skulls. After 10 hours we are back to the original 11.250 skulls because the ‘Time-multiplier’ is x1 now.

When defending tower = 2250 x (4 + 1) the 1 stands for towerguard.  

Strength of Attacker vs Defender: In order to account for strategic decisions also the strength of the Attacker vs Defender is taken into account. For each Party, the following is calculated.

-          Number of Heroes * (75 + any Tech-tree bonuses)

-          Number of Soldiers * (1+ any Tech-tree bonuses)


-          Let’s say the Attacker’s army of our above example has a total of 600 Soldiers and the defending Hero has 250 Soldiers. Both do not have any techs researched that would change the calculation. So the values were as follows:

o   Attacker = 2 Heroes * 75 + 600 Soldiers * 1 = 750.

o   Defender = 1 Hero * 75 + 250 Soldiers *1 = 325.

-          Each tile of the Conquest-Map has an Attack and a Defense Value. If the war takes place in a Forest, then the values would be x0.7 for the Attacker and x1.3 for the Defender, so the above values would be modified like follows:

o   Attacker = 750 * 0.7 = 525.

o   Defender = 325 *1.3 = 422,5

-          In case the war takes place on a tile where the Defender has a tower, then the Defender’s value is increased with another multiplier. Also, the Towers Soldiers are taken into account. For our above example, we assume that the Defender has a level2 tower (x1.5 multiplier) and 50 Soldiers in the tower. The Defenders value changes like follows with these values:

o   Defender = 1 Hero * 75 + (250 Soldiers + 50 Tower-Soldiers) * 1 = 375

o   Defender = 375 * 1.5 Tower-Defense-multiplier = 562,5

o   Defender = 562,5 * 1.3 = 731.25


-          The amount of skulls needed to score a Supreme-Victory is now scaled based on the proportion of Defense-value and Attack-value of the above example. Let’s say that 10hours have already passed (Time-multiplier has no effect) then the values would be as follows:

o   Attacker = 11.250 Skulls * 731.25 (Defense-value) / 525 (Attack-value) = 15.670 (rounded)

o   Defender = 11.250 Skulls * 525 (Attack-value) / 731.25 (Attack-value) = 8077  (rounded)


Some additional information:

  • The amount of skulls your alliance has does not change when somebody joins the war, only the bonus.

  • The actual amount of skulls the alliance has can only be changed with battles (not joining).

  • The skulls needed to win however CAN change when somebody joins.



Great info!

Thanks, I will pass it on to the dev. :grinning:

The last calc is unclear to me

6 and 3 what? (or is that thousands?)

I do notice the display of ultimate victory is not that clear… meaning my victory is clear but my loss is not so clear


can you also try to make the number bigger or maybe add the possibility to click on the bar to see the number of skulls required in a dialog box or something…?

I m playing on my iphone and it s so tiny that I have to make a scrrenshot and zoom in to be able to see the exact number.


Hey Madlen,

first of all: Thanks for the explanation! :slight_smile:

I think, you have a little flaw in your calculation: After 5 hours, the ‘Time-multiplier’ will be reduced to about 4.5 since


You assumed to have 5h/10h which would be 50%.


Einen schönen freien Tag noch! :slight_smile:


Why don’t one of you guys (from flare) become an user of wikia to add and update any information regarding change in the game (like new event conquest) so that any players who need general info can search it easily. Royal Revolt 2 Wikia is dead right now as the creator/admin of that site stopped playing the game.

Yes, these are thousands. And its the Skulls needed for the SV.

If this is technically possible it’s a good suggestion. Could you, however, please make a thread about this in the improvement and feature request section? This thread is not the place for it.

Short answer: Time

Long answer: If there are volunteers, who would like to pick this up again, feel free to PM me. However, this is also not the thread for it, so I would suggest making a thread in the improvement&feature request section, please. 

I checked in actual battles and your above calculation works great. Thanks!
(You only need to change 5 to 4.5 and 50% would be correct)

Yes, but the content in this topic would better be shown on the wikia too rather than here alone just like another content that you can see on the wikia, that’s why I mention it. (Note: it’s my mistake not to add “[OOT]” in my previous post, I forgot.)

It’s better if that volunteers are from flare because only flare that know everything about the game. You already manage this forum, so another person would be perfect to handle wikia.


ps. There’s topic regarding wikia by opelle but you locked it. Just saying.


I tried doing the math compared to a battle I’m seeing in game now and the numbers I’m see in game don’t match what I’m calculating using the technique above.

In game shows:

  • 3h remaining
  • 2 participating heros (1 attacking, 1 defending) 
  • Attacker, total attack rating = 300 (1 hero, 75 hero atk, 300 troops, 300 troop attack rating, terrain modifier 0.8)
  • Defender, total defense rating = 343 (1 hero, 85 hero atk, 300 troops, 600 troop attack rating, terrain modifier 0.5)
  • Attacker requires 6969 skulls
  • Defender requires 3724 skulls
  • Attacker has won 1100 skulls
  • Defender has won 3539 skulls

My math:

  • Basic skulls = 2 * 1500 = 3000 skulls
  • Skull multiplier = 1x
  • Attacker base rating = 1 * 75  + 300 * 1 = 375
  • Defender base rating = 1 * 85 + 300 * 2 = 685
  • Attacker terrain modifier = 375 * 0.8 = 300
  • Defender terrain modifier = 685 * 0.5 = 342.5 => 343
  • Battle is not occuring on a tower
  • Attacker supreme skulls = 3000 * 343 / 300 = 3430
  • Defender supreme skulls = 3000 * 300 / 343 = 2623

The attacker skulls are off by 3539 from what is shown in game, and the defender skulls are off by  1101.  Which is remarkably close to the number of skulls won by both sides (within rounding).

So do opponent skulls add to the number of skulls required for supreme victory?

Or have I made a horrible math mistake somewhere?

(edit: correct defender troop attack rating)

Here’s a little typo. It should be 600 troop defending rating.

Are you sure these values are correct because my calculation worked for all battles in our conquest:

The last column is: 3425-1100+3539.

Here is another example where you can see that the difference is very small.


Ok, so there is an extra step which accounts for skulls won by defenders and attackers.  Thanks!

I think there is something we don’t know or a bug.

Like this war, the ratings for attacker (798) and defender (1180) are right. 

Total players: 5 +9 = 14

Basic skull: 14*1500=21000 (time passes over 10 hours, the factor = 1)

But the SV calculated is not the same as true condition.

SV for attacker: 21000 *1180/798 = 31052.63  (calculation) vs  19880+42095 = 61975 (in-game)

SV for defender: 21000*798/1180 = 14201.69 (calculation) vs 30922 + 3160 - 30472 (in-game)

Other parameter for SV? like partner attending war later ?or skull-gained in war will  change the criteria?


Edited (10/09 update): I see.

The enemy skull gained needs to be considered for SV in additional.



Thanks, I have corrected it now in the text :slight_smile: