How to add slots for new alliance member

Hello… somebody help me… i just started this game 1wk ago… how can i add slot for new members of my alliance?.. i got 3 members only including me… and its full already… my friend wants to join in my alliance… pls help.

You have to donate gold to the Alliance and level it to gain more member slots.

You have to level up your alliance to increase the size of the Alliance Members capacity.

Oh thank you so much guys… newbie problems…   :slight_smile:

uhmm, guys?.. i need help… how can i get or fill the fiefdoms in tax bunos?.. in my alliance team… in order to procede into next level… i still got 3 members… and its full already… pls help tanx…

To gain fiefdoms you have to participate in alliance wars, which require a minimum of 8 members.

You’ll have to level up the alliance trough gold donations first.

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In your Alliance you have several thing you must know that its important

If you want to up your slot and add new members you need 2 things : Know what donation cap you want and look if each player give the donation each day.

Donation Cap its important and determine where you want to go in level and what elite boost you want to use 

Don’t worry I gonna explain all of this carefully

First you have created your Alliance congratulations! now the next step level up your Alliance to add more people. How you can do? You are the Leader and now you must know before going further what is your intention : Level up your Alliance at level 20,30,40 or 65? when you know where you want to go in level its time to go in the next step

The next step is to know what your Alliance its for what? Free Alliance who welcome everyone and whatever the donation cap you have create this Alliance for fun? create a top Alliance who gonna be level 65 in 2 year who use all boost and can prolonging boost? a Alliance for War Season around level 40 and just able to use some Boost for fun,etc… When you know what your Alliance its for, time to go in the next step

The next step, you know what level you want,what you want to do with your Alliance and what boost you want to use, now its time to add more members in your Alliance to level up and make you stronger. How you do? simple if your goal its be a top Alliance who use all boost you need members with 20k or 50k to start and after you talk to them to upgrade their alliance tower around level 25 to up at 75K and 100K. Around level 40 to up at 150k and 250k maybe 500k and around level 50 up at 500k and 1M. If you do a Alliance for fun where everyone is welcome in this case just make sure everyone donate each day and level up when you can


1.What its the main goal of the Alliance : Open for fun,War season or Top Alliance

2.What level you want to go

3.After you know about 1 and 2 determine what donation cap you need

after its up to you to do what you want : kick them when they don’t do anything or don’t donate,etc. .in this case all depend of you