How to be STRONG guide


I decided to write this guide because there is a a lack of information about game mechanics. I will just write few essential things that you need to take care in order to be STRONG. For sure the game is in a continuous change and some of this things will not exactly apply in time.

  • Do not rush to lvl up u’r Hero Temple (HT). After you made a new lvl for HT you just lvl all u’r towers you use and barricades. Also choose the units you want to use in defense and in attack. Ideally if you are using same units is best approach. Upgrade only those units. Be sure you max out all of this and only then you are ready to lvl up HT again.

  • Take a look at towers and their description, also at alliance buffs for them and choose them wisely. The purpose of your defense in order to not loose trophy is that you delay long enough the attacker so he cannot destroy u’r Gate of Apollo (GA) in time.

  • Guardhouse of Thanatos after lvl 3 will only raise wave units count only by 1. After lvl 7 will no longer add more waves and reduce the time between waves. It will just add 1 more unit count. This happens in current meta 2.6 and I advise you to not raise it above lvl 5.

  • Shrine of Power (SP) will give all spells at lvl 6. It is not worth lvl up over this lvl. You can upgrade this when you feel that your spell are not effective anymore. In current meta 2.6 it is not the case.

  • Also max out u’r resource storages (gold, wisdom and ambrosia). Max out Ambrosia Temple.

Because how the matchmaking is working in current meta 2.6 your goal is to have as low as possible number worshippers  so u’r ascension lvl is not very high but u’r defense and offense is very strong. Do not be confused and stall at a lvl, u’r builders should work all time.

Also in current meta 2.6 Prometheus Tower is the weakest tower in game because if you walk on his bombs you throw them back and damage the tower and nothing happens to u’r hero/units.

Artemis Tower are also weak (single target tower) and their spear never stun anything. I would not use more than 3 of this type in my defense layout.

This is it. Not hard at all.

See ya in game. GL HF


We have now a major update 2.7 so I will add some additional information to the guide.

Now in meta 2.7 we have HT level 11 which allow us to upgrade defense 2 more times than before but the units level remain the same. Due to this fact defense at max level will be impossible to defeat without invocation (and there is a hidden buff to defense given by ascension level - every approximatively 15 ascension level gives 1 level in health and dmg to defense buildings).

Due to above things is important now to max out Guardhouse of Thanatos and waves in order to send strong waves in defense.

For offense you need to max out SP in order to max out spells you use. You will need them because defense is very strong in meta 2.7


To get few players who might be playing on board the community group to share info on strategies and tips since there is no wiki for OR