How to Beat Griffin Islands?

Before the masteries the Griffin was easy and Prometheus was able to defeat those islands really easy but now since the new masteries system the Griffin Islands are really hard to beat. What the best to beat those islands? I have my Siren level 19,Medusa at level 12,Minotaur at Level 9,Bia at level 8,Phosphoros at level 12

I have forge Prometheus items at Titan 1 Star and same with Archer and Minotaur boost i am unable to beat them. What I can do more? Up my Minotaur at Level 12+?

What is Prometheus level?

Why don’t you use spearmen? Blessed spearmen kill griffins fast.

And why do you think masteries have anything to do with the difficulty?

because its obvious masteries make Griffin more harder. You know the Silver laurels things who boost tower and units. Spearman not a fan of this unit but I can try

I think Madlen can get an answer on this pretty quickly, but the monster islands don’t have fame, do they?

yes monster islands have fame since the odyssey in version 3.4.0 and they are more boosted than before and more dangerous


that’s kinda dumb.

Pyro through and spindle invo at the gate!

if its the only way I have no choice then to spend some gems and go directly to the gate

Yep that is a good option but if prometheus has good items equipped he beat these isles without gems, I did it twice in my two accounts.

Also warriornator don’t focus destroying every tower.

Just break barricades and run for Gate there are no Defenders on these isles which makes it easy for Prometheus to beat the game.

Yeah, this is good advice. It’s just like doing a weak odyssey. There’s no reason to beat all the towers. Defense mode + Pyro + Run like heck