How to Beat Phoebe (my combo)

This combo works for me every time I face Phoebe. I included @Surviva’s topic in the description for those who don’t have the necessary boosts. Enjoy! Btw, the thumbnail looks small but it’s just a glitch, that’s not how the picture I uploaded really looks


Nice one ?

Thank you @AwesomestKnightest for linking my topic in your video, good work defeating the castle. Boosted wolves are awesomest I’m working towards boosting some troops in future, hopefully wolf. Like the video,  Keep it up.

The music track was superb, whats the track name?

@AwesomestKnightest for me a bit to risky i start shield or the guardian before     

Thanks for sharing, great job!

The music was just a random song from YouTube creator music, but I can find the name

Okay,  I just found it. It’s called Move Out by MK2. Makes music for YouTube creators to use

It may be a real song, as well, because there are a few videos with just the song. Here you go

Thank you very much for finding the music. Gonna keep listening for a while ?.

No problem. It is a very good song haha. Btw, check out Future House Music on YouTube. They have some really good songs as well. I think you might like those