How to buy items from Granny - Criteria to decide for upgrade.?

For buying granny items, this is what I follow.


For fire/poison shield/leadership/health - at least 500 cumulative upgrade from my current ones. I actually did close to 1000 thrice (A long wait though). 

For Sword and glove atleast 50 cumulative upgrade (Again I have done 100 twice with a long wait)

For percent based ones like gold boost, scream boost, wind boots - atleast 3% (Did get 8% upgrade on boots and one gold boost item).


Put your ideas here for everyone’s benefit.

For me its about 10-15 levels or every 4-5 granny sales so that I can gain enough gems , not sure what kind of stats jump I’ll get in term of numbers though.Of course I only buy the one on sales using gems , its a waste to buy items using gold especially for higher level king.I also got lucky with my belt , got a 420 leadership boost belt back when I’m level 45 or so.Still using it now at level 77  :wink:


For lower level I’ll fill up the chamber , makes space in the inventory and raid easy base so that I have chance to get gears from chamber of fortune.Sometimes even spend 3-4 gems for another spin and ended up getting rare gears haha , totally worth it.


Also saving gears dungeon for when I’m level 90 (hopefully can get there) haha  :stuck_out_tongue:


For me, if it costs money and not gems/pearls, BUY IT!!! Unless it is 10 or less points better… 20 points, if it costs gold, is worth it.


Using pearls to buy items is like the worse business ever , for an item that cost 200 pearls its like spending 1400 gems (since the ratio is 7:1) so that is why pearls are only worth spent on scrolls as you can 100% tough bases that offer lots of gold for upgrade/medals to win league (which rewards gems)


Hero items are a lot cheaper when bought using gems especially during sales 

And it also increases a chance to get hero item in treasure chamber too, for just 10-20 pearls spent on scrolls :slight_smile:

On top of that, legendary items actually rarely ever can be bought with pearls and at higher levels, as MisterE mentioned, even purple items are barely good enough (or at least, most of the purple items aren’t, only the best purple ones, which might be better than the weaker gold items). So spending hard earned pearls on purple or below items isn’t really helpful. And on lower levels you progress too quickly and your gear will be outdated soon, so again investing too many pearls or gems there isn’t good either unless you have no problems with buying gems for real money…



Hmm. I see what you mean about expensive items. They should make a point to have the items that cost pearls actually be legit. But still, even by that logic, for a spell that uses 20pearls it is like busting out 140 gems for a one shot spell. Is the win of ‘any’ single base worth that kind of investment? With the alliance boost, gold is in no short supply. Might as well get the 3 day gold shield and farm all the gold you want.


Yes , its worth it (more than buying a hero item) and you won’t need 20+ pearls unless you’re a bad player or you are raiding someone too strong for your king.95% of the time you will only need one time wrap scroll , that is for me less than 10 pearls I think 7 (or 49 gems)


Higher in the leaderboard you will have a very small pool of opponent to raid from matchmaking and some of the bases are tough.You can avoid raiding tough base but even the not-so-tough base can be deadly when you made a mistake.The wiser option is to use time wrap (or blessing) instead of dying because higher in the leaderboard trophies matters and it might matters a lot more once Flare update the game with alliance events.Scrolls can help you made up for the mistake during a raid but a better sword/armor won’t guareantee you to 100% all bases even the easy one.


And like I said , it helps you to gain medals which helps you win diamond league.That gems from winning the league will be used to buy items , in return you will get pearls from buying that item.That is the cycle , you will only realise how much one single pearl worth when you have no pearls to scrolls I’m guessing.I’ve wasted more than 1k pearls on hero items before , it was one of my biggest regret in the game because for most of the time you will get better items for gems.


You won’t get better gems scrolls either to replace time wrap and accomodate blessing.I am not saying that pearl scrolls are mandatory but it is important for when you made a mistake.

Please, if it is worth or not to spend gems/pearls in raid should be discussed in another topic  :slight_smile:

errrr bolz our conversation is related to granny sales/gears purchase so I dont think we should carry on the convo to a new topic

I agree! But for 500 gems… I don’t think I would buy it…the most expensive piece of hero gear I have ever bough was a cape (584 gems) for a 419 increase in leadership… it was worth it but I thought long and hard about it first…


(I still use it, although I should get a new one soon; but nothing has been worth it)

Is it worth to roll for legendary items and buy it with gems or just wait for the sales which comes out once per week or a fortnight after I buy one… Btw I am lvl 72 but takes forever to lvl up.

When there are sales it’s better to wait and buy sth with usually 40-50% discount. There’s no point in spending gems for rolling in granny’s and then spending double amount of gems for an item. Plus, even if you buy sth from sales and then you have to wait a week or two weeks for next sale it’s quite good because you have enough time to earn some gems from leagues.

nicely said, emgiee1! :slight_smile:

That is, if there is a decent sale offer. If there is no, then spending more gems on rolls and regular priced items might be better than getting no new equipment at all.


Btw, rarely, you will also see legendary items that can be bought with gold. Those are usually worth a buy if they are useful.