How to calculate Blizzard damage

I would like to understand the exact calculation for Blizzard damage versus Wolf / Skull Towers.  I have max and perked Blizzard and it can 1 shot Max Wolf and Level 8 Skulls,  but I want to understand how to make the calculation as damage vs HP of Skulls / Wolf.                                                                                          This is to decide HOW far I should take the perking of damage on Blizz before switching to range.  

Hahaha,  60+ views and no comment,  I am guessing that means no one knows how to calculate it?                               That sucks as we are all blindly perking away with no idea where we need to get to. :slightly_frowning_face:

Most of the available data make no sense in broad terms. Probably you need to contact devs to tell you exactly the damage calculations.

Eg. Arbs with higher health die to Blizzard spell whereas Archers with lower health survive. Of course, this depends on the levels of the units. This is a general observation. Somethings are not clearly defined by the devs.


That’s obvious that only devs know how every single thing in the game (from spells to troops to the towers) is calculated. Elements in the game are set up to be balanced each other during the fight. Now we see Arblaster weaks only to Poison at 100% but most probably they saw that arb was weaker to poison than other elements (fire, ice, etc) so they put the most important weakness to not write also all the others (also because there isn’t so much space to write each weakness and resistances in the card of each troops, spells, towers).

I understand and DON’T want the calculations of " every single thing"  in the game,  just trying to understand how as an example a Blizzard with 5,319 Damage can single shot kill a Wolf with 31,717 HP even with " Weakness : 75% Ice" ?  What multipler are they possibly using to get there? And I DON’T expect devs to answer,  so was hoping someone in game may have experimented to find a perhaps non precise but at least consistent calculation… 

Good question. You can try to test it yourself. Remove everything from your base and setup some testing scenario’s. Thing is that you will almost never get a 1:1 situation  (like you vs a Wolf and nothing around) in a real fight so the Blizzard damage are going to be spread among the units and buildings around. They likely have some other formula’s here to calculate the damage. And other factors may also play a role like the distance between the unit/building and your king, etc.  Anyway good luck with this.

Hi Xerxes,  Yep that’s exactly the 1 on 1 test I set up to get the impact as mentioned above " 5,319 Blizzard can 1 shot kill a Wolf with 31,717 HP"  I also did this against a skull tower and Blizzard can 1 shot a Level 8 Skull Tower but fractionally not a Level 9,  but as I say it would be GREAT to know a more precise way to look at it,  as otherwise it’s just blind perking on damage …    Whereas on Range you can see quite specific numbers to reach targets etc.  

the most important distinction for late game is what is a 1 shot vs a 2 shot for blizzard.  i maxed sonic first so blizz is still at lvl 13 from pre-patch.  At this level it does NOT 1-shot a boosted werewolf after the last dungeon is unlocked, and it does NOT 2-shot a max skull tower.  Both of these have just a tiny health left until Blizzard is also maxed I assume so that the game mechanics are not altered.


From what I’ve seen a max blizzard functions just like it did pre-patch - 1 shots boosted werewolf and 2 shots max skulls.  Depending on how many times a person perks blizzard damage vs wolf or skull HP will determine if the difference is enough to change these ratios.  I doubt there is a single answer since there are varying degrees of how much person A vs person B perks each.  (+5X blizzard damage perk may not keep up with +20X wolf HP perks, but devs won’t give us the exact ratio of 5.XYZ damage bonus blizzard has vs wolf).


Only way to figure this out now is if several high ppl with max blizzard and max wolf/skull with many different amounts of perks on each posts dozens of combinations for us to estimate.