How to cheat alliance war - Please fix this

  1. Have at least 7 buddies. 

  2. Everyone creates 1 new account (and get the alliance tower) and fill the alliance with the new accounts, everyone else leaves. Do this ~1h before the war starts. 

  3. Once the war starts, everyone’s main account join and all new accounts leave. 

  4. You will be matched with weak alliances and you can bully them. Enjoy your free Doom Gates. 

How to fix: People who join after the alliance after the war starts cannot participate in the war. 


p.s.: our alliance is getting bullied like that. 11 men vs 17 men, and we cannot even destroy the gate of their weakest member. 

I am pretty sure we all pairing according to our fieldom. It doesn’t really matter if you have 60 or 1 member.

But that’s so unfair… they are rank 900 and we are 2k… they just walk through our bases… 

They’re going to fix also the rank.