I’m exposing this wide open to all clans, so everyone is aware.  And hoping it will be quickly fixed.


The last couple of battles was close, but we were always ahead, maintaining our lead through constant 2% attacks.  Towards the end, all of a sudden, opponent clan started gaining skulls in chunks.  In the first case, one of our members happened to notice it was preceded by a drop of about 2k skulls, which we think is 1 player dropping out.  The second case, none of us was watching closely, so no idea.


So we did some experiments to try to figure out how this is possible.  Here’s how you do it…


  1. Drop 1 player.  Yes, that player’s skulls will be lost, around 2k.

  2. Invite a willing volunteer from another clan that will benefit from you winning.

  3. When that new person is attacking halfway, kick him.

  4. You will notice that his skulls remain and counted, even though he’s been kicked. 

  5. Invite other volunteers and repeat.  Each time gives you 500 skulls, equivalent to 50 2% attacks.

  6. When you have no more volunteers, invite your original clan member back.  He can now execute his 3 best attacks and regain the earlier lost 2k.


Since there’s no way to prove this 100%, our opponent clan names are intentionally omitted.  But it works.  And we’re not using this trick, losing is better than winning through cheating.


Note to Flare: Please fix this asap.  A lot of gems and scrolls and time were used and wasted.


Thank you.



I also thought about this. I wanted to make experiments but since you have done yours, I guess that will be enough. I don’t want to gamble though if my experiment failed. Great noticing it.

The fix for this issue will be enforce starting in the new war season where player cannot leave and join another alliance during mid season anymore because their raids will not be counted in war (no skulls)

I see our enemy alliance using this method :slightly_frowning_face:

And now his on top score <_<

Yea nuovalpeas cheated

We are not cheating guys :slightly_frowning_face:

let me give you nastiest way to cheat in this game :

 let one of your alliance join the enemy alliance then he make few adjustment on his base to work as backdoor for your weak alliance members then before the end of the war he leave to make them lose his skull !!

if you don’t believe it ask soheil dj and timurius about that .


This is no cheat, just classic undercover work.

If the enemy alliance / leader is that dumb to fall for that, they deserve to get undermined.

There are obviously a few devious ways to cheat at alliance wars, and I think joining another alliance to weaken it is cheating btw.

While I was suspicious of one 3 * King who joined us then did nothing I did not kick that king and eventually we came out first and got the 3 boosts for the alliance. 


We can of course close our alliances to new members and that might have to happen if it’s obvious people are up to no good.


Our biggest problem was that not everyone had time to take part so some people lost many more skulls than they gained.


I don’t see this as an issue.  Some members are going to be the main farm target, it’s just unavoidable.  Unless you can come up with a way to make everyone exactly the same level with the same base, there will always be some members who are being farmed, regardless of them putting up 1k or 4k skulls.

The problem is, if you have some very “unhomogenous” level/strength players within your alliance, those will likely worsen your results compared to more “homogenous”/similar king levels/base strengths. 


E.g. if you have a few much lower members, then they can’t raid most of your alliance’s equally-strong opponents, and everyone (even much weaker opponents) can still attack/win against their bases. --> Main farm targets for lower opponents, potentially less contribution for your alliance’s score (depending on opponent lvls). 

If you have a few much higher members, then they won’t get a decent amount of skulls from most opponents, and they are preferred farming target for high lvl and scrolling players… 


But yes, the current alliance war system is vulnerable against some kinds of tricks/cheating…