How to cheat the Chamber of Fortune - the secret code!

Many players have complained about the chamber of fortune and I must admit that this was the most frustrating part of the game to me until I figured out how to cheat it. 

Have you ever looked at the CoF (chamber) wondering what chest to do first, then you choose one,  and it is a success, then the second one is good, and o sh$@#t the last one was a bad choice. Now are you going to gem or not? You gem and O my G@#@d it is wrong again…

I made the choice early on to not use gems on these chests - but I compromised this on the first Ninja event. In any case  I have made a list of choices at different days and recorded the results (and not using gems) to predict what the outcome will be. This is my report:

After months and months of using different patterns I was finally able to crack the code. It happen the day I made the choice to always use one pattern only. I will start on the left upper chest, then top middle, and then top right. I always use this pattern, never changing it. And the result: about 70% of first tries is success, about 50% of second tries is success and about  20% of 3rd tries are success. The point is that it does not matter what chest you choose. The results is calculated on the game server and reported back. Knowing this, you do not need to get mad at the chamber again. The result does not depend on you choices. 

(And yes - I also want to know how many people is going to read this topic given its dangerous heading before it disappear.  :slight_smile: )

This has been known for a while, it’s classic gamesmanship, higher chance of success with little reward to encourage gambling behaviour for larger reward with much lower success rate.

I tested it for a while, using gems to open the third if I got the first two right, I came out well behind in gems, or what I could have got had I just used those gems on getting gold/money/items instead.

Why is this a cheat? 

I have been doing the complete opposite for so long now I go bottom right to left and I always get lots but I got 66% luck gear

There is no magic patterns. No matter which chest you choose the chance stays the same. When you tap a chest, the system roll to see if it’s a success. When you see all 6 chest, they are all “empty”. 

The program determined if you open the chest with success or not. Then it goes into the quality table (which is different for the first, second and third success). And finally it goes into the treasure type. 

This is the only way it can work with luck gears.

Saying there is a pattern is like saying this slot machine is better then the one next to it.

But it really is though and the pink slot machine in the 2nd floor always makes me cash out 38% on what I play 

I use the exact same pattern. Its faster this way and I get less chance to press the try again button by error too.

Lol it Is not normal :

First : 3/6 50%

Secund : 2/5 40%

Third : 1/4 25%

And I am not a wizard lol. So your title ‘putaclic’ (a little vulgar in french)…

And if You want to win This chamber room You look at the video of Flothaboss “cleaning the toilet of the first”. It Is better when You use objects to level Your chances…

+33% max =

83% the first

73% the secund

and 58% the third !!!

It’s not though :wink:

The chests are not assigned positionally, from what FG told us in the past (otherwise you should also expect the high gem reward, for example, in a first chest from time to time).

Instead, there is a probability that is assigned of correctly opening the first chest - FG stated before that this was 70% or 75% (I forget which one).

In other words, it really does not matter which chest you open, most likely. The game just sends to the server “Chest opened” and gets back a “success/fail”, which is rolled on the above probability.

Afaik, probabilities for the 2nd/3rd chest have never been published.


The choice I made was to use luck perk.Best decision ever!

Doesn’t work in ninja event or war though but good for farming pearls

it doesn’t matter where u click it’s the percentage that matters

Even my 2.6% luck perk is making a lot of difference. I have just noticed it, the top left chest somehow has the highest chance of getting it right.

earlier luck-free was 75% 40% 25% (therefore statistics do not work here! 3 out of 6 = 75% - you get more than you deserve at 1st chest! :lol: - also it means that order DO NOT matter, all decided before you click!)

(so UNluck 25% 60% 75%)

I suppose that now with 50% luck perk, I get unluck divided by that 50%

reverse calculation - (UNluck 12.5% 30% 37.5%) - means chances should be near 87.5% 70% 62.5%

(near 40% to open all three chests)


I’ll try to collect data now with 50% luck perks at big number of attacks