How to continue

Hi guys, I’ve been playing this game as second game for 2/3 weeks now and till now I didn’t really follow any guide and I was just playing for fun.

I’ve been playing around for at least 10-15 years in differents MMO for PC and always as top server because I’m really competitive.

So I’d like to learn here from pro players of RR2 how I should play now, how to spend my gems, what I should upgrade first, what kinda of troops I have to upgrade, what kinda of spells and buildings.

What kinda of bonuses are the best on items, for example if is better more damage or a “x” firestorm damage more.

Now I have Throne level 10, Bank level 12, Spells Tower level 10, Troops room (idk English name) level 10, farms level 9, Silos level 11 but going to be soon higher buying next offer where it will upgrade it at 13.

I upgraded for now only firestorm and Bladestorm at their max for now but I wanted to know what to prefer and upgrade for max levels.

I upgraded at level 10 knights because I though their cost will be perfect for a massive spam with an Ogre or more at center ( for now).

Im not really thinking about defense now because I would like to maximize my offence first, then I’ll focus on defence.

I’d like to play by PC too but on Windows Store it doesn’t start the download of the game. Is it only my problem or are there some issues


I hope someone will have time to explain me those mechanics I didn’t learn.

I saw many videos but my english is not that perfect and I do not understand everything in videos.

I would like to talk about my questions and if people will help me I would like to upgrade this post with my progress.


Thanks and good game

Don’t do duplicate topic. We have answer you in a another topic you have already create. Thanks you

Hi thanks for your answer but another player told me it was the wrong section and I opened it here…

Idk this forum very well if there are moderators please delete the wrong one.


The name say it all. Help and Question this section is for when you have a question or need help. suggestion and Improvement is for when you want to give idea for the game. Bugs and Problem for when you have found bugs or have a problem in the game. So take care of this next time. Alliance and Recruitment for Alliance