How to counter surprise mummies

I’m getting owned by surprise mummys when I attack people and they are being used on defense.  Any tips on what spells/troops work best against surprise mummy’s? 

Depend of your style of gameplay I guess. For me i use since 1 year or more the same combo : Heal,Blizzard and Sonic Blast

You can destroy the Mummy and wait the knight appear and cast a Blizzard you save a lots of seconds

You can destroy the Mummy and cast a Firestorm when Knight appear

You can destroy the mummy with Sonic Blast and destroy the knight with Blizzard

a lots of way. If there is better way I don’t know

Nice topic that can help many player here who have the same problem

Against surprise mummy overloaded bases I humbly recommend using Pyros. You spawn a bunch of them and they burn the mummy and the knights that emerge very fast.

The more Pyros you spawn at start, the faster they kill them. Then you can spawn your other troops.

There are other methods. For example a bunch of boosted Frosters. They also do a good job on those mummies and knights. But since at the last game update the Frosters got nerfed and are much less effective than in the past, Pyros do a better job.

The method Warrionator has suggested is also very good. Using spells.

Boosted pyro is #1 IMO.  Bliz also works well and hammer strike is quite nice for the Knights as well.  Once you learn how to fight them, they offer high XP, so decent to level off of as well. 

Over time I have found Firestorm and Bladestorm effective against Mummies. The thing is they have a high poison boost, so it is better you go away after activating the spell, since 2x poison is deadly enough if you are low on health and with no shield.

Boosted pyro is the best option, boosted froster was the best option, but after being nerfed they are less useful (better read useless, I try them every now and then, but I most times fail raids due to them, so I am thinking of not using them any more).

Nowadays, I take mummies on with knights (or mummies)  plus frenzies. I first push the mummies backwards while being shielded, then activate firestorm. When there are multiple mummies, I finish the knights with blizzard. It works quite well and since there are not a lot of defending troops left, my cannons, knights plus frenzies will take care of towers.

The best spell against surprise Mummy heavy base is Bladestorm…

Firsty its the longest lasting spell, Secondly It’s good even if not forged a single time…

In the past when we had those boosted mummies for the first time and they were a big pain, I remember me and my teammates where using hammerstrike to deal with them and it was quite good. It was back then though, game has changed.

dont let the mummy surprise you but surprise them instead, with fire

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Yeah I really appreciate the tips.  I am playing around with what you all have suggested and definitely am doing a better job taking down those sneaky mummies :slight_smile:

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