How to defend against Paladins?

I’m going to try to examine each unit against Paladins, and I want your opinions too:

Vs. Knight:

Knight does Normal damage, but Paladins seem resistant to fire, so the Knights’ elite boost does little. Additionally, they cower in dear at the howl of the wolf. Useless.

Vs. Archer:

Archers have greater range. But, because Paladins are resistant to blunt, their elite boost is again practically useless.


Taken out by hero


Both are resistant to blunt, and boosted paladin definitely wins. Additionally, the elite stun effect is useless due to the wolf howl.


Piercing damage does nothing. Also, elite boost made useless by wolf howl.


Taken out before it can get past the shield. Additionally, it’s weak to blunt damage.


Taken out by the hero.


Can’t damage as fast as the paladins heal.

So there are only two things, that I’ve found, that are actually useful:

  1. Gargoyle:

Not time to hit it, = no chance to heal. It sucks, yes, but when everything else is worse than useless, sucking is better than nothing.

  1. Arblaster + Paladin

The Def. Paladin’s weakness is that it gets taken out by the hero. However, if you add Arblasters to your waves, everything else survives. Ergo, Arblasters + Paladins leaves you with some OP Paladins, who hopefully never stop fighting stop fighting each other. If you have 39 morale, 1 Wolf + 2 Arb + 5 Pal. may be just enough to eternally stall the attacker.


And as far as towers go:

You have to contend with both a shield, and the paladins themselves. Ergo, Blunt damage can actually be useful.

In my opinion, you should alternate Skull & Poison on the first lane (since poison damage doesn’t stack), and all Skull on the second lane. Hopefully these skulls, + opposing units, will wear down Paladins shields so they can be poisoned down.

It seems like Flare may be gearing up to add in a boosted Mortar.  If we had a boosted mortar, that would probably be the silver bullet for the Paladin.  Not sure what extra effect the mortar would get, but it would need to be something substantial to be able to go up against the king and/or units.


I would definitely like to see the Mortar boosted.

Paladin was nerfed, its okay now :slight_smile: