How to delete a friend?


i have a friend who was inactive for a long time, but I can’t remove him.

Could someone tell me how to solve it?


Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



facebook friend?


even if you delete him from facebook, he still remain in game :slightly_frowning_face:

Try delete from Facebook

Then see if you can friend again in his profile… in rr2

That’s what I did to get rid of one… it worked for me


I have 21 inactive FB friends,  flare has known about this issue for over 6 months,  and still they haven’t fixed it. ?

pretty easy you take the phone and call it and you say : ‘’ Hi friend sorry i don’t want you in my life and I delete you’’ problem solve next…

I’m kidding its just a little joke hahahaha


I have the same problem, can’t delete some afk friends.

This problem should be solved by RR2 only.

So thanks you all for trying to help me :slight_smile: