How to distract Arblasters?

I’m noticing in a lot of situations that my Arblasters are being distracted by one thing, then wrecked by another. Being distracted by a Firebolt and pummeled by a skull tower. Being distracted by a barricade and picked off by a Firebolt. Etc. so I want to boil it down a science. Tell me a way you know to distract Arblasters, then send the post + a picture representation to, and I’ll compile it all together on the RR2 blog (:

Here are the ways I think I know and that I’m guessing will work, right now:

///Firebolt + Skull Tower\\

As we all know, Arblasters attack from a range. So if you were to put a Skull and a Firebolt near each other, they would just attack one and be out of the range of the other. But I’ve found that, in N or L shaped bases, that if you put a Skull Tower in Lane 2, and a Firebolt one space higher in Lane 1 (so that the Firebolt is at about a 30° angle from the Skull Tower), the Arblasters will focus on the Firebolt, but will still be within range of the Skull Tower! At least, this worked against my Arblasters

///Advanced Trap Firebolt\\

We all know that Arblasters can hit a typical trap Firebolt, just in small numbers. But if you extend the trap lane out a little bit, and put the Firebolt Tower on that corner, it will be out of range of the Arblasters, but the Arblasters will still be within range of it, meaning that it will continuously attack all reinforcements until the King or a Cannon takes it out.

///Paladin, then Gargoyle\\

I haven’t actually tested this strategy, do don’t take my word for it, but I believe that. When faced with a Paladin in the opposite lane, Arblasters will cotinually pile-up to shoot the Paladin. As we all know, Paladins (especially slowed paladins) move slowly, and Gargoyles move quickly. So I believe, but I haven’t tested, that on the final overlap of an N or L base, having a Paladin in one wave and 2 Gargoyles in the next, can take out a clusters of Arblasters.

Please post your methods as well! (: