How to erased the road and do a new road again

I want to erased the road in Olympus rising and start again,but don’t know how to erased it? Can someone tell me how to do it?

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tap on one ot the path tiles and keep it tapped…
… then drag it (finger pressed down) to where you want it.

if you re-connect it somewhere else on the path and it is valid (e.g. number of tiles not exceeded) the line gets green. if not valid, it gets red.
you can draw a straight line from start to the bridge and then modify your path. it is kind of tricky because you always need to have a valid path at any time.

maybe draw it first on a paper with the number of tiles you have and then it is easier to paste it to the layout.


But in your picture you are adding to your path , I want to erase some tiles and used them someplace else

Why don’t you try this?


you can either draw the whole path with one hit (and maybe start several times again)
or begin with a straigth line (min tiles)/or the „main theme“ and add the missing tiles and reshape the path bit by bit
or just reshape of what you have, but you cant exceed the max abailable tiles, so you may have to shorten the actual path somehow e.g. by removing corners by connecting a shorter path.

whatever you prever. just try a bit around.

edit: e.g. if you dont drag to the east as in the picture above but to the north like shown below, i would cut of the part of the path towards west (which i dont do now, because there is no undo ^^)
so better get used to it by trying around before you start to modify an existing layout if you dont want to mess it up …

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