?? How to find my teammates during conquest


I looked for the answer and couldn’t find it, I apologize if I overlooked it.

During conquest, I spend a lot of time looking for specific teammates. It seems the only way to find them is to click occupied tile by tile until I find them (I’m not referring to who is in the stronghold, but who’s on the field). Is there an easier way to determine the location of a specific player in my alliance? There has to be an easier way.

Thanks in advance!

Yes it is time consuming and should be addressed

It’s definitely an issue we are aware about and which is on our backlog.

When we search for a team mate in conquest, it can be useful to have the name of the tile where they are (specially in the menu when we can see how many energy points they have)

This is exactly what we need! And while, right now, you can simply ask a player where he is, we still have to wait until that player comes on and if he’ll even see the message!

why not something like (sorry if you have this name its just for a example)

Warriorofworld112 : A20

Hilty299 : B10

Blackknight900 : Z11

Geatanofmidwest : AB20

the leader will have all members in a list with coordinate. Life savior

or why not add a special menu for leader and generals with all names and they have just to click on the person and the game go on the map and show them where they are on the map. 

whatever is better than click one by one until find the right one

Yeah, that’s kinda like the idea suggested two posts above. Basically just a list of all members with their tile number and their energy. Like you said, a life saver

Thank you!

Yes,  that is definitely the most important thing that could be added to the Conquest event besides more types of tiles and more resource tiles.

I agree, Glad it is on backlog but should be addressed asap and hopefully before Conquest in March.   


We do what is always done in stone age. Ask where they are.