How to fix war

War is broken. Most alliances have issues getting everyone to do every round. War offer little gold most rounds and can cost up to two hours a day in season.

My suggestion on how to fix war

1# Reduce the battles to 5 normal rounds/ 10 champions

2# Increase the amount of gold, I would like it to be like the Ninja event 300,000 to 800,000 per raid.

3# Increase the amount of experience per battle every war. At least 200+

You need to make war fun and reduce the amount of time we have to play on the weekend.

I agree - I will add the following: There was a time when war chests were good rewards. With all the new types of rewards, the chests in war is no longer of much value. I suggest you  double the chests that can be won (at the very least). It will also be good if you can double the items per chest in the war also. 

good idea

I suggest something else. No more 10 raids per war, but 5-8 max. Players aren’t married to the game and on a weekday, not everyone can afford to do 30+ raids.

The most annoying for most alliances is that they lose war seasons, because some members show very selfish behavior. They are profiting from boosts, but aren’t willing to help their team. There are several good reasons from their point of view.

  • Raids in war season give not enough gold. 14k for most raids is indeed not very attractive. Even the 300k+ raids aren’t attractive for them. Raid a person outside war season and you easily find targets with 500k+.
  • First chests are just not that attractive. With all respect, but grey, green and blue chests just contain little rewards, while players can already get multiple legendary chests for free videos. To be honest, even the lower chests doesn’t compensate the gap between 500k+ raids and the current low gold reward.
  • With gold collected outside seasons (from players who help their team and forget to protect it) they can upgrade without any problem, while the ‘fools’ who help their team can’t.
  • They get the boosts anyway, so why should they help? If the team doesn’t win a war boost, they just move to another team. They even don’t care/realize that they hurt a lot of other players by this behavior.

How to prevent it?

By adding more rules:

  • Prohibit raiding outside war, unless you completed all war raids. You want to raid other players? First help your team and raid there.
  • It should be impossible for a person to leave a team during war season. Leaving is just not done. This rule is required, otherwise players just leave and join another team.
  • Of course it should be possible to kick a player, otherwise he could open his base and hurt the team.
  • Are you not inside a team, raid whoever you like, you are not part of a war season, only… without boosts I wonder how many gold you can get. It’s not attractive out there.
  • Did you join a team after start of war season? Too bad, no raids for you for ongoing wars as long as you are in cooldown. Sure it’s hard to wait 60 hours and not being able to raid, but why letting such a player profit from boosts to raid other players who help their team?
  • You didn’t help your team during war season? No war boosts for you. Question is definition of helping. I would say more than 80-90% of the possible raids in total minimum. This prevents jumpers.

The rules aren’t perfect, but at least a start making it not attractive to letting your team down.


Also no chests lower than epic, anything lower isn’t much use to most players, adding uber chests every war would help too. 


I know some think 5 is to low. But this is just math and they can chance how it is added. I would see it being the 3 being 90% of the score and the last 2 is extra making 10% of score. This  would give everyone a chance to make a mistake.

The problem with the War Season is it’s the same thing over and over again.

It’s just work!

It needs more variety! 

This is more discussion I’ve been begging for for like a year!


Alliance leaders are very powerful in this game. They however lack one ability - they can never leave their alliance. I would say - if you want to be a leader and have the power, you have to take the pain and frustration that goes with it as well. Implementing all these rules are not the way to go.

I really like one of Dena4’s previous suggestions more where we can see more info about the history of a player (previous alliances, donations etc). We need to accept new members and we are unable to deter-main if they are selfish or saints. What leaders need is not more power and rules, they need more info to make more informed choices.


Indeed, if we have a list of ‘recent’ activity of a player, we could decide based on that to accept a player or not.

It all stands and falls with info that is available. For me these are big NO acceptances

  • Leave a team while war season is still in progress. It depends on information here.
    • When the team has lost all fiefdoms, then it is no problem
    • However leaving when wars are still in progress, this is a problem
    • Also when a player does this quite often, it’s a sign not to take him in.
  • Don’t help the team at all during a war season. Here it also depends on the information
    • Is the player in cooldown then I understand
    • Is he not in cooldown, this is a problem.
    • however, if this player does this quite often, it’s a good indication this player is selfish and should not be accepted. The opposite info is of course an indication that he should be accepted (when he clearly helps his team)
  • Jumping info. When a player hops often to another team
    • What boosts has the team he is leaving and what boosts has the other team
      • When I find a pattern that a player leaves as soon as a certain boost isn’t active, this could be a problem
      • When I discover that the player leaves as soon as war boosts expire, I would never accept him
    • how often the player jumped during last couple of months (and between which teams). If it’s always between two teams, it could be a friendly visit.
  • Donation history
    • does he donate on regular basis.

Since all this is hard to track down, reputation of a player could help.

  • A player can’t have a negative status
  • Having a positive influence
    • Donation at least 5 out of 7 days a week
    • Extra donation
    • Helping the team during war season. The higher your total percentage of possible fights, the more it should increase your reputation
    • Days in same alliance
  • Having a negative reputation
    • Not donating 5 out of 7 days
    • Not helping the team during war season, unless you are in cooldown.
    • Leaving an alliance
  • No effect
    • Being kicked from alliance, although I would be interested how often a player is kicked during the last month or so. This could point on disrespectful behavior.

These are just simple suggestions.