How to get friend code uber chests?

How are people getting these?

Someone in my alliance got a chest that they need to unlock with a code or open with 300 gems.

But how does these appear?Just at random or do I have to do something?  

Nope the same way for the vouchers.

You get one uber chest for free from flaregames. I think this is a very generous gift by heir side. Well done, my compliments.

When you are lucky enough to make a player use your voucher code, that’s not enough. The player needs to upgrade a few times to give you the uber chest. Promise to help them with insta troops so encourage them to spend a few gems in upgrading their alliance tower a few times. Maxed troops will help lower players to win and make progress. a win-win situation.

I will pass, don’t want to spam my voucher code.

I’m also interested in a clarification, when or how you get the locked friend chest.
Do you have to get a new voucher friend to get the chest in the first place?
And after you got the chest, you can unlock it with the help of a second new
voucher friend? Or do they appear just randomly?

You will have to spam the code that mysteriously changes every 3 h on

  1. Voucher thread- nobody sees that, since only players have access to that. I mean new players have to insert the code for the benefit.

  2. Facebook post- keep on spamming till you get banned.

  3. Easy way- buy gems and you can avoid all the troubles…no sir, I am not taking the 3 route. You can take your chest back and put it up for sale to a paid player who will buy that.

where should i enter the code so my friend can open the uber chest?

Hello there,

You need to be under level 10 to enter a friendcode.

Additionally, if you already entered a friendcode, you will not be able to enter any other, as it is a one time invitation.

If you want to enter a friendcode, you just have to go to the Community menu (the two little characters at the right of your screen), then tap on Voucher Bazaar.

If you are still able to enter a friendcode, you will see the field to do so :slight_smile:

It’s a blind luck. One in a thousand.

why not give videos to open the chest?

moreover, if FG wants players to promote the game why not give extra 500 gems if one succeeds. Everybody will do it with enthusiasm. 

Guess that will not happen.

why not FG tries the voucher bazaar and see the success rate ? 

From the devs…


"Hi Jason,

the first chest is auto-unlocked for every player. I checked you account, the locked social uber chest is going to appear in your account latest in 20hours. The Social Uber chests will appear more often for players with many active voucher friends.




So in short they are giving everyone one a free uber chests, then after that they are rolling out 1 uber chest it looks like for everyone that needs to be unlocked and then after that giveaway is done earning more unber chests is based on your active voucher friends