How to get friends with vouchers!!

My question may sound a bit stupid but how can I get friends with vouchers? I shared my code in some FB groups like 10 times and I didn’t get any friend with voucher. should the people add the code or just add me as a friend to earn vouchers or how does it work?


like how come some people have already 15 friends with vouchers?

They have to enter your code if you want to become a “voucher-friends”, normal friends will never earn voucher from you because in your friends list they haven’t the voucher symbol near their name. If you see the voucher symbol near your friends name mean that they can earn voucher for you. 

Also seems that you can enter only 1 code in your life so, you can share also thousand times your code but if other people have already entered the code to someone else, there is nothing to do but you should ask to newbie players to enter the code. =)

But how will each player have 15 voucher friends if anyone can add one one code? I mean the game will be one to one voucher friend only or we need 15 times the current amount of players so each current player will have 15 voucher friend 

I have only 4 voucher-friends (the first one that i entered, the other 3 are guys that entered mine code (probably through the video i did), however was possible to have directly 15 people because the update had just been released and nobody know how vouchers worked so the first guys which shared their code for first, had great beneficts immediately because other players entered their codes. Now more days pass, more will be difficult to find someone who has not entered the code yet of someone else.

Now you must handle the situation with newbie players which haven’t entered yet code.

That’s pretty hard to find new players now to add my code :confused:


I hope they update the voucher system because it’s really complicated now 

Yeah at last implement in a way to add 1 new voucher code every week or so =/

Add my friend code PBOCUIB and get a 150 ticket :slight_smile:


It is not for your benefit invented.But in order to attract NEW players to the game.Give the game fifteen newbies, and you will be happy, and get pieces of paper every day.




Please lock this we already have a friend code thread

Thanks to notice, i’ll lock this topic since to share voucher-codes there is the appropriate topic:

And also because the answer has been answered.