How to get good items?

My best mask is 1670 leadership " legendary" and someone have a 2484 leadership " legendary" from the internet.

How can they get it, item shop? Just by luck? or you can’t get it until you reach a level?


What is the highest leadership and increase gold loots you can get?


I got:

Mask: 1670 and 9.9%

Cape: 1586 and 10.7%

Ring:  231.7 and 9.6%

Belt: 0 and 7.7%

Boots: 0 and 11.2%

any of these are max you can get?


one last interesting question why a “purple” ring will have a higher gold loots that a “gold” ring “both only have gold loots increase”? 

As you level-up your hero, you will be offered items with better stats.

Your items stats depend on your king level , but after level 100 the base stats will remain same and only the secondary stats will determine if you have better items or not.A purple item can have better stats then golden one if it is obtain at higher level than the legendary one of course.You need some luck to get the best items at your level.


For example : two level 95 king will be offered the same base stats of 3500 leadership helmet but one of them might get a better secondary stats than the other.


So that mean I am wasting gems to buy items if I am only Lv 60?

Most probably, yes. 



Generally, I advise you to only buy new items when the difference to your current item is “big enough” to be worth the cost, and to not start buying legendary items too early, mainly because early on you level up very quickly, making your recently bought items already outdated soon. Being well equipped never harms, but you want to make sure your equipment lasts for quite a while to be worth the investment. 


Exceptions from that might be extraordinarily great offers, if they are quite cheap as well… for example, I usually buy every pair of boots with speed boost better than mine, even if the increase is only a little, because boots are 1. usually rather cheap, 2. getting a good boots offer is very rare, 3. I consider them to be very worth having. 



You might search and read through some older topics with hints about items, btw. :grinning:

I do appreciate your help and advice… I’m only lvl 21 and I was thinking about spending quite a lot to get better items. Thanks