How to get the desired item in Granny Sale. Just a theory for the interested.

Hi guys I know we are all related as we all have the same granny. She visits us now and then with her sale (once in like 4 weeks) and keeps giving us lot of useless items every few hours(6 to 12 hours i believe). She will keep showing you items till you buy one and then she is gone for a while. So I have been struggling for past 8 to 10 weeks to get some nice poison shield item and nope, she shows me everything else but that. Finally I tried something and it did work for me. You guys can try it too and let me know if it works or not.


What I realized is she is not willing to give you the items that you are currently using. If I am using poison shield on one item, she will show items that have normal, fire or ice but never poison. When I decided to experiment, I used a fire shield item on raids for like 2 sessions and then she immediately pops my desired poison items, which she never showed me in past couple months. I didn’t get it even in my spinning.


So try this trick and see if helps trigger the items that you desire. If you crave for wind boots, may be try few raids with ice damage or normal damage or even gold boost.


If you want some frost sword/gloves, try something with blunt or fire.


Do share your experiences. I know when next sales pops, I will use non wind boots in hope to get an upgrade to my existing one.


When a Granny sale came up I never had a problem with her showing me the items i liked the only problem i had was that the items she does show are not a very significant increase from what i wear.  And i was also expecting Granny to be popping up more now then ever since it’s Xmas eve all but she’s not there and rarely ever visits me anymore but when she does i’ll be sure to try that trick and see how it pans out , that was actually a very smart idea/experiment.



Do let us know your findings.

I truly appreciate this forum.Thanks Again. Really Great.

you might be right, but today I recieved a great item with same shield as what I wear. So she is not exclusively giving you other items only.

Feels a bit spooky!


Nice theory though.


But I have to agree with Ronny, got new wind boost boots lately from granny offer while consistently wearing wind boots in my raids since months.

Still might increase/decrease the changes, though?

Desi, there are 3 days that I changed all my gears…but nothing, I received nothing, always crape offers…and never "opposite"to what I had…


For example:


  1. I craved ice damage on sword and/or gloves so i put sword and gloves with other damages (ice, poison)…never got an offer in 3 days for sword/gloves with ice damage


…and the same for all other gears…so the conclusions could be 2:


a) or your method/thought is not correct


b ) or my old granny is more affected by Alzheimer and sight disease than yours!!!  :stuck_out_tongue:

Great post Desi ,

Your suggestion worked on some occasions and didn’t on others .

I had wind boots for a long time with lesser speed boost, and was looking for night boost . Waited a long time and almost gave up on granny but at last she offered +10% gain on boost of what I previously had, while I was equipped with same boost .

Similarly , I was looking for frost damage weapon or gauntlets while I was equipped with different damage on them , on some occasions granny offered same damage weapon and on other different one.

On armour shield was offered similar most of the time , only once or twice different .

So it hard to figure if wearing different boost/shield will give you something different or similar increased offers.

Granny so crazy !!

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