How to get the Support treat my issue seriously?

Dear RR2 Developers,

My game name is SitPotful 

Device: Oneplus 2 - Android. 

Firstly I would like to thank you for your hard work in making such a great game as Royal Revolt 2. 

I am writting this topic here, as I don’t know where to ask after being neglected by the Support Team. 

So what has happened: 

At the 4th December my score in Pro League disappeared. After contacting the Support I received information that my account has been banned due to running multiple accounts. I haven’t received any information in game, nor any e-mail or anything that I am banned. Just my score disappeared and my PL rewards were cancelled. Is this the way it should be done? I believe, if you accuse someone of anything illegal, you should proof it and inform the person of an accusation to let the accused one explain the situation (perhaps it could be a mistake?)

Anyway, the Support gave me the account name which was detected as mine 2nd acc. I admit that my friend visited me and I let him run RR2 on my PC, on which I play from time to time via Facebook. Just as I proved to the Support - it is not mine account.

  1. This friend lives in another country what can be checked easily by the location. 
  2. We had many conversations by the ingame friend’s chat since many months ago. Would I speak to myself for months in case of such situation? 
  3. You can check playing styles - we play totally differently, using different spells, pets and units. If these 2 accounts belong to 1 person, it would have the same style of playing. 

What kind of answer I received? 

Ok great! - I thought. They will check it again, find that I’m innocent and cancel the ban…  Just there was no any answer. 

So after 1 week I sent new request with question how is the ‘further notice’ going?  - again no answer.

After next 3 weeks I sent next request - again no any answer. What’s more, all the requests in ‘My activities’ panel are marked as ‘solved’. How are they solved when the problem is not solved? 

10 days ago I sent the 4th request and I received the answer. Finally! What was the answer: 

Funny, isn’t it? So this is the way I was treated from the beginning? I have just received a copied reply which goes to everyone? What’s more, this request is also marked as ‘solved’. What a great solution! 

Playing RR2 with Pro League banned has no point for me as PL was always the most interesting part. Everytime something new, spells, pets troops. Everyone has the same chances to play, so I really loved that. I also can’t stand that I spent so much time, money and efford to build my king and suddenely all those things are broken, just because the system detected something and no one wants to check if the ban is right. 

That’s why I came here with this issue with hope that finally I can get a few minutes of the Support’s attention and you will just check my innocence and cancel that ban. I have already lost a lot with 6 leagues that I couldn’t play (there are 21 tickets which I bought and found in chests and what to do with them now?) 

So I really believe that Creators of such a great game will not let this injustice last any longer. 

Thank you in advance, 


Hi All,

Completely agree with Sit… When u do not have clear proof why did u banned someone ??  We are not in middle age anymore?. Nowadays u should have proofs to judge someone!!!

Even when Sit has explained what the situation was…  u did not Follow this and did not check if he is telling the True… Why?

The second thing is that your support as Sit already mentioned it is a big joke… What does this people doing there ??I heard it already from multiply users… LOL… Thanks for contacting Flaregames support… we will investigate your issue…and then …Quiet…no answer…anymore.  typical ostrich technique ?

And the funniest thing. u did nothing…and next day came second mail from Flare… How u would rate our Support LOOOOOL.


Hello guys,

Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

I am sorry to hear that you feel your request was not taken seriously.

But it is against the forum rules to publish messages received from support in the forums. At the same time please be informed that this is the developer’s bug forum and this is no bug (per se) you are mentioning.

As much as I would like to help you here this is an issue that support needs to resolve with you, so you were correct to contact support and I would kindly ask you to contact customer service to have a look at your tickets again.

Thanks for understanding.

_ _ _

(locking this thread now, because it is no bug)