How to get voucher code on Windows 8 (PC) ???

Our members are stuck on that.

What do you mean ? What’s the problem ? I’m the windows pc player too. The only problem I faced in the beginning was the fact I couldn’t share my code, for example, on facebook, I could only via e-mail. The solution was simply to download a fb app.

Maybe this problem is only for russian players? Very strange. We got several reports from russians. But on this forum nothing.

go to windows store and get the update, you will figure out once you installed the right app…

More and more reports from russian players :slightly_frowning_face:

At that point get message “cannot find file”

And game exits unexpectedly

That’s what happens after you click “share with firends” option ? As I said, I had a similar problem - on the right section there was no app I could share my code with, I had to download a facebook app.


Sorry, I can’t attach a screenshot.



For me, the game closes itself too from time to time but not after sharing, not in middle of a battle, don’t know when and how but it happend a few times. However, it’s not bothering me.

It seems that in russian Windows 8 - system cannot create “advertisement picture”


Even if Facebook app is installed, the same - file not found

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if you need code, use mine: guiheya


if you need to know how to get  a code, go in throne room and press yellow button on left up corner. 

New admins,


Check this please.



Russian players on computer version can not get THEIR code!


thank you for your posts.

I will check it on Windows PC and if we could reproduce the bug, we will try to fix it soon.


Regards, Lisa


ok that’s good to know I was starting to think I wasint cut out for the computer world at least im not getting it wrong all the time. so im slowly workin things out on me face book and g-mail .altho it wont be tonight. I guess its the same no matter the medium or environment when its new and unfamiliar because I do want to make friends ,1 I just don’t quite no how to go about it yet. :rolleyes:

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Hey there,

we checked your problem on our Win8 PC with a russian version.

We have the same problem when we want to share with facebook, but we could share with our email account.

So: if you want to share your friendcode with your facebook friends, try to share via email, save the image and post it then.


Hope this will work for our russian friends :slight_smile:




How to do this? I do not have such possibility. I tried to press on all 4 pictures without success.

Did someone solved this? I’m still getting “the system cannot find the file specified” Trying to share by mail I’m getting a screenshot with no code on it

Workaround till they fix it:

For some reason the game process can’t create the image, you can set your own image in the folder and then the sharing option is working.


in the following equivalent system folder:



just copy an image or create a file with the name “RR2Share.jpg”

This what woked for me.


Your friend get the email or Facebook invite with manual image and the relevant code.