How to get your account restored.. My success story

So I recently lost my account do to uninstalling my game, or rather having to reinstall it.


I panicked because app games are notorious for losing accounts, I’m an alliance leader, and more so I haven’t spent a dime on this game.

I simply submitted a ticket to and got my account back within a half hour… It hasn’t even been an hour as of this post and already got my account back.


Why am I so special? I’m not . . I simply provided tons of information on my account, clearly detailed what lead up to me losing my account, and then gave more information. But the information is key. If you lose your account but can’t remember key details, or misremember details the GM’s may have to spend more time reviewing your account to prevent hackers.


You must start a new account on your device before recovering your old one… Lol I didn’t even have enough time to plough gems.

FLARE acts very fast in this field. “+1” to FLARE as they are bang on… Hope we get proper updates also Bang on … 

Well we got a mini update, and server update coming… Though they have said Clan Wars are coming!

Agreed. Lost my account the other day, took about 36 hours for me between the sent report and playing on a restored account. Lot of time difference between me and Flare though, and I had to resend some more info via email.

Still, very pleased with their customer service. Like he said, know some stuff about your account. I knew I was going to lose it, so I wrote some stuff down before I reinstalled it. Made the process virtually painless =)