How to give the right advice to players


What advise? you just named the topic and posted your youtube video for increasing the views… thats it…

What the heck? Who do you think I am, a click baiter? Watch the video

second off, I don’t just post videos for views. I enjoy making these and I do it out of the kindness of my heart to help players so that they can give the correct advice to other players. Yes, I post these for views, but that’s like 1% of the reason. The other 99% is me wanting players to do what is right when helping others out

what is true is true and its true that you used it for getting the views but its your own strategy so it is better for me to not to indulge in it… so I am out of it now…

Please watch the entire video before posting BS on the forum. At the very beginning of the video I start off by telling what the video is about and I do it! Give me a reason why you think I didn’t give advice in the video

Flothaboss has given this advice to players three years ago… check his Videos and dont use BS kind of words as I did not used any false language here…

Advice for giving the right advice when testing players bases?

Also, that still isn’t a reason for why I didn’t give advice in the video. You are avoiding my question here

Check his Videos please… and again I would like to say that I am out of this topic now as I dont want to increase the threads any more…

Oh my gosh, you won’t do it…you aren’t gonna answer my question, which proves that you don’t have anything on the video. Thank you

It’s always good to give a typed summary when posting a video so people can see it if is of interest to them. Myself, I don’t like watching videos to get information, and prefer to read. However, if there is a good summary that indicates it may be of interest, I will watch.

thanks for the tip, I will do that

And by the way, the first post on my dungeon video, you are wrong. I failed the first time, getting 2 stars and dying at the gate. I attacked immediately afterwards and beat it. I am not dishonest in my videos and when I do have a stronger hero than I had when facing the dungeon, I tell the viewer. I tell them that I used lower level spells and troops when I attacked

Discussion on your YT comments shouldn’t be brought here on forum I guess :slight_smile:

yeah, you’re right. Sorry about that, should’ve brought this through PM. My bad :grinning:  

Moved to Strategies and hints.

And yes, @Mag is correct, arguing over YT comments - and the other arguing from this thread so far - should better be done on PM if at all. Also please try not to quote-reply multiple times within a few minutes back to back, it is a bit spammy I’d say.

Totally understood :grinning: . It’s just a way to get their attention

Nice video. Some sound advice. Keep it up!