how to improve the level of alliance???

How to improve the level of alliance? I have a problem with understanding one thing… - ok, 2.trophies- ok 3. ??? How???

Please help me :slight_smile:

you raise the level of the alliance with gold


you raise gold boost and rank of the alliance with trophies


you raise alliance tax by conquering fiefdoms

How to do it number 3?

the only way to increase an alliance’s level is with gold donations


sorry if my last post was too complicated

With money

What’s the tax? How does it contribute to overall gameplay?

Tax is a bonus that allow you to donate more gold for your alliance (any kind of donations will have a plus gold for your alliance).

If I may, I think I understand what the confusion arises from, because I am in the same position.

My gold donation bar is full (I have donated just over 2m gold) but the third criteria (fiefdom) I cannot upgrade. My maximum alliance members is 3 so I cannot partake in wars, so I don’t know how to increase this.

My alliance gold donation bar is full, but my alliance level stays on three regardless (at least it seems so to me) of how much more gold I donate.

  1. To partecipate to war you need 8 or more members.

  2. If your bar of donation is full means that you have reached the max required gold for that level so you can pass to the next level for your alliance, you need only to click on the specific “blue arrow” button at right on the panel of alliance to level up your alliance to the next level =)

  3. To get more fiefdoms you need to partecipate to Alliance Wars first and conquer the hexagons you will see in the War Map called “Fiefdoms”. More Fiefdoms you conquer during the alliance war more “tax bonus” you will have. To conquer a fiefdoms you have to declare war at an opposite alliance (fiefdoms war last around 1 day) and the winner for those fiefdoms will be who has gained more “skulls” at the end of war for the fiefdom. Skulls are like medals in leagues: who has more skulls become the winner =)

The winner for the whole Alliance War will be who has conquered more fiefdoms during it. If 2 alliance for example conquered the same numbers of fiefdoms, the winner between them will be who has gained more skulls during the whole alliance wars.

  1. Tax bonus allow you to donate more gold for any kind of donations you will do.

Just donating the gold won’t be enough , you need to level up your alliance too and this will give access to more slot