How to kill gargoyles?

They’re becoming a big problem for me, specially 5/6 in one wave. How to kill them before reach your king/units? Is that even possible?



Another question: How can I get gems that I spent by accident back? I spent more than 260 gems by accident last week (in a bad item)

Use Hammerstrike, Blizzard, or Swordrain. The main thing is to use an instant spell. I personally prefer Blizzard because it has a larger range than Hammerstrike, shorter cooldown than Swordrain, and also does damage to towers (especially skull towers), besides reducing the amount of damage you receive. :wink:


Sorry but you will most likely not get those gems back :slightly_frowning_face:

I saw in a video that also a “sword attack” can kill a gargoyle but only at very high level with a great sword i think around level 120.

You will need an instant spell like mister E mentioned above. Another option is to stun them and take them out one by one.

On top of all that was already mentioned here, a variety of tactics exist that focus on letting the gargoyles attack, but avoiding their damage to important units (king, main army). Can be done by good timing and high lvl speed boost boots, summoning mummies, pushing ahead a single unit, …


Also take a look at this topic:

There, you can find an extensive discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of gargoyles and how to properly use and/or defeat them. 

Sword rain spell is the best. This is also how you kill elite boosted Arblasters in one shot so they do not chain heal each other. 


Or you can level up sonic blast to 7 or 8 and it will kill them before they blow up.