How to level up hero faster?

I can’t see the experience given from an opponent. Is it measured by the opponent’s trophy reward? Or something else?

Fight against high level Kings/Bases then you get more xp…

Wait for warrior pack. :slight_smile:

Got mine when i was 79 lvl

Never got a +5 hero level offer except when I was lower level  :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks, will try higher player see how it goes first.

Yes higher ranking and higher level players give a slight increase in exp not really noticable at all. This is one of the main  concerns I have will the game as progress pretty much stops level wise at 75

hacks, not like I use them or anything, ehehehehehe

I only hit people with 300k or more, and most people with that much gold are strong…


By doing this you can get more gold with the added boost of slightly more xp… As long as you win lol…

Lol gem up your King Straw hat fastes way to level up :wink: