How to make conquest more anonymously

I think, there is a way to have a blind war and to evaluate alliance strength as well:

Right now you are not able to fight or befriend somebody when you click the info of a hero. Hence, my suggestion is to add an attack button. When you click on it, you will only see a rough medal range, e.g. “400+” or “1000+”. Then you could fight that person for no food. You’d gain XP and gold but no trophies not medals. There should be a cap on these fights, so people do not take advantage from that. E.g. 3 fight per player or something similar.
When you click on the info of the alli, you would see the level and their average medals. Alliances will not know their own average medals.

This will make it tougher to find out who you’re fighting against.

To make it even more tougher: In the first two conquests, the maps were 4-sided mirrored (everyone had the same terrains to work with). In the recent conquest, it varies a little. So, when you have a coordinate system with the center right in the middle of the map, it can be programmed the following way:

  • Flare has the original map with 4 players in each sector.
  • There is a virtual map with which the alliances work with:
    • For this, each alliance will “roll” a dice with 1-4. Depending on the number, the alliances will be moved to one edge. Since it’s random, 2 alliances could be in sector 1 and none in sector 3.
    • Since the map is symmetrical, flare can easily transform movements from the virtual to their actual map
    • Alliances first need to fight against each other to have a common value which they can exchange to get to know each other.
      The other alliance might not know that alliance A only wants to find out whom they are fighting with and will go for Supreme Victory. The time for validation is much smaller like that.


I already posted this idea here: