How to make millions by attacking

I’m not a top player but here is some thoughts to help mid-game players

bull shit :slight_smile:


tavern gold can be stolen!


did not read further

this is somewhat the same steps flothaboss pointed out in a video

And I remeber Jason W making a vid about getting 3.5 gold.

Thanks, Leopold. I picked up on what you wrote early playing the game, but I love it when people share their secrets and tips because these things meant a lot to me in the beginning parts of the game. I played through RR1 and never knew that you had to just touch a tower with a spell and not sit there forever. lol


Of course! This amount is FROM TAVERNS!!!


tavern gold is not protected at all (only by gold shield)

Uhhh no.

You do not make more than 500,000 from taverns… it all gets stolen.