How to make Prometheus Stronger?

I struggle on this since a month. Stuck at Griffin Island. Whatever I try its a disastrous result. get it only 1 time by the Griffin and die. Resurrect 1 second after die again,resurrect and 1 second after he die and its over.

So if there is I don’t talk about Veteran who are level 130-150 but more about player who by miracle are on forum and have do it recently with the enhanced fames difficulty

I read Attack Speed was the best for Prometheus and make him insane but same with all Titan. Prometheus is too much weak. Its so painful to play with him

Screenshot (196).jpg

Some advice? what to do.

By the way I know I can spend gems to reach the gate and finish it but its the main problem. I cannot do it. too much weak to go alone and die 3 time at same spot after 10 seconds

So if some of you have pass Griffin Island recently what settings you have use Troops,spells,items,etc…

I don’t know what more I can have close +11% Regeneration to make everyone at 60% Regen. Potency,Speed,leadership

I have try with Spearman boost,Warrior boost,Minotaur Boost and Hydra Boost. I am out of idea how to deal with this

On Youtube video are old of 2 years old and are out to date with no enhancement. Those video not help new players with the new enhanced system

If I find it how to pass by miracle. I will explain it and I will do be able to finish my video about this

After some test in my base. the best was with Life on Hit. I have try one of the Gryphus Island and see. With Life on Hit Prometheus can stay more longer alive but I think Its the lack of power from my troops. Stay at the tent and cannot advance

i will take 1 hour of my time and post 3 or 4 video of my horrible temptative. Maybe some of you can give me more a answer based with what you see. Without video I know its very hard to answer. So let’s me upload them on my Youtube and I will come back later post them here

Regen is worse than life on hit in almost every way, even after the buff recently. The problem you’re talking about, being killed over and over while in combat, isn’t fixed by regen, but it’s helped somewhat by life on hit. LoH also synergizes with attack speed, regen doesn’t.

You’re completely neglecting cooldown. Even though Prom only has a couple of powers, his main power is very good. Being able to cast it more often helps keep you and your army alive. Asclepius is also a great spell and probably what you should be using in his 2nd slot.

Replacing masteries takes a long time, but 2.5% potency isn’t very impactful. I would lose the Regen mastery, too

Finally, I’m not sure that level 17 is over-levelled for taking on the griffin islands. I know plenty of players have done it sooner than that, but it feels average to low to me. The extra health you get from levelling your hero up is important.

Its really what I thinking. I have forget to check with my others heroes and I just see they have armor of 40k and boots of 32k for around 100k-122k HP. Same the weapon is really low at 600. I should have a 1000. So i guess its my answer. Why I cannot advance any feet and cannot destroy anything and be kill so easily. I will try to up to date his items and see.

but stats are weird sometime. I check my Ariadne and same with a Armor at 40k and boots at 35K she have only 75K HP. Don’t know why. The best items than my others heroes but low HP. Never have understand this how that work.

My others heroes have worst stuffs like armor of 20k and 18k boots but 100k HP who know why…

I wil try to find armor of 40K+ and boots at 35K+ to up him at 120K+ and I will try again

Here my first horrible tentative :

my 2nd worst tentative :


and finally my 3rd worst tentative with too much low stats :



When you look at the stats of a hero (in the “i” button), the very top block shows the different bonuses each hero gets innately. Prom has a +180% damage bonus (at level 20), but no bonus to health. Perseus, on the other hand, gets a 60% bonus in health, but only a 40% damage bonus. So wearing identical armor, Perseus will always have more health. Something to note: Prom has an innate 40% regeneration bonus. by loading him up with 2 additional sources and a mastery you might be maxing him out and then wasting some on top of that. And it’s a lousy perk.

For a good top lvl Prometeus the best perk is potency and probably Coldown a close second, cracks up his pyro big time for attack and defence; but that may depend on having 2 apples! or some very good potency rings.  In the image you have fire boots even though he has 50% resistance to fire already.  You could try resistance rings depending on whats on the griffin island. 

Don’t be afraid to use his power early as it creates a good shield which doesn’t run out with time, just damage taken; so when you enter an intense are you should already have your shield up, and ready to cast that power right away of you start taking damage. 

Barricades are weak to fire so just upgrade his power/add potency. 

Planning a build around potency is pretty tough at low levels. I don’t know if I’d advise that, like, ever. You get way more bang for your buck from cooldown, and it’s common.

My other tip is this. When you start the battle, summon as many minotaurs as you can and use your power when they are walking past you…in this image I summoned 3 minotaurs straight off and cast a decent lvl shield a round them.  At barricades, where they all come to a stop, you can recast pyro shield on them to keep them alive.  Using this technique you can keep your troops alive to help you fight.  Also the flame attack has a range (ok pretty short) that you don’t have to be touching the enemy troops to d damage.  Practice walking away from them burning them.  But as Dumpster suggests CD is  basic perk and easy to get, so probably load up on that if you have no potency. 

Your masteries aren’t really favourable for this battle other than potency. 

And even then, 2.5% potency is roughly equivalent to 0% potency. I like the attack speed mastery in general (although not in that slot) and leadership (although it’s green-rank).

But basically low level masteries aren’t impactful, even in the highest rank available.

@Warriornator I would think medusas would be your best friend for this map, but you really need to do some work on your gear first. Maybe try autoplay too.

I guess I will try to improve his gear first and during this time I will max medusa and others units. Will see later. Thanks

Prometheus island pack is really low for his level at the time, you do need some good forging to boost him up or wait until he is leveled up (leveling up doesn’t matter so much, but its a good way to also learn him, and start noticing what’s the problem). I’ve used gems to clear them, both times I did it.

In any case, I am agenst regen which he has a lot for you to draw back and come back, and also giving him any extra attack. He has the biggest multiplier of damage and the strongest in that aspect, literally destroys everything in his path. If you do want to increase his overall damage - add damage perk not speed attack. I would rather use CD at least on his cape, and 2 good rings with CD as well. What I always do is pack non-shield heroes with physical resistance. It is badly needed as half the troops do physical damage, and you will have problems with GK as well. Since he has natural fire resistance, I would not add anything to him, unless its a refinement. I would rather go with poison. The reason is because he doesn’t have so many powers to “hide them”. Hydra towers packed together can kill your hero easy, but if most heroes just blast a power around them, they can hide them, work with the other towers and head back to them. If you problem is dying, then time loss is not much of an issue here… For the same reason good pheme heroes, do not need poison resistance. After pheme usage, they hide, and then you hit pheme again…

And in lower levels, its much harder to forge or refine… so in your case, I packed him both his slots with physical… he is slow and can’t avoid Apollo towers easily, so you have to plan that out on the path. If you have resistance rings, I would use them instead of CD for this kind of mission or Odysseys. 

I would also change all your masteries. Or 4/5 at least. I pick masteries that benefit all heroes and that make a difference, as far as I am concerned. Leadership is used by all heroes, but not all benefit like Ariadne for example, or maybe Cadmus and Achilles/Jason. Regen, I agree LOH is an alternative, and some heroes already have a lot of that… as you level up or max, you learn to build your heroes and possibly not even need it. I’ve never used it. Potency is good, but which of your heroes use it? CD is better, if you max that, add potency… but potency is more “efficient” on heroes with a lot of power slots… which is how the “game” is mostly played lately… Speed, I do want them faster, but it wont make any difference while you fight, which is the problem for all heroes… and getting at the gate 2-3 seconds or even 10-15 seconds faster is not a priority.


I have use your recommendation and change Attack speed by Area damage. Change Potency that was useless and change for cooldown. The next i will change this week is leadership and I will try to find demolition in this spot. Also since my post my spearman was low at level 11. Now they are close maxed. Level 25. My War Academy level 12 on the go. So at the moment I max them I will retry. I spend some gold to buy green chest and try to get better stuffs for Prometheus. Really hard like Athena the game don’t give me any items for him. I have the same problem like last time with mry previous account. The game give me huge items for all the others. None for him. 

I will test right now. Maybe with all the improve its enough. i give you news after my try

Edit : 1 down. 2 to go. Without gems. That work

For the one who have got the same problem. What you need

  • Lightning Resist 40% or more

  • Fire Resist 40% or more

  • Spearman level 25 or maxed

  • Use Physphoros on spearman to shield them

  • Cooldown,Area Damage and Demolition if you have it

You tend to get items in the vault for the hero you were using, so if you raid with Prom you will tend to get items for him. I know that’s easier said than done when you’re trying to find items to make a character playable. 

For me, I’d say think about going with lots of LoH for a hero like prom, at least until you get him improved. He doesn’t have enough item slots to cover all his resistances, so don’t even bother. Just make him gain more life than he loses if you stay on the attack. 

Thank you all for your advice. its done

I can now use him and upgrade him.