How to make the war interesting

Hi all, after a long time.

I am not been active lately on the forum or even playing. However, I feel that the aspect of war (which interestingly has been discussed numerous times and no updates made) is worth another discussion.

I feel even 6 wars sometimes is more especially if you have 3-4 attacks. Are now the wars been limited to 2 per day?

I suggest the following:

  1. inject system gold in the war season while attacking players.

  2. Give rewards (apart from the boost) to all 40 players who come on the list.  This is will help more active participation. Rewards in form of gems/uber chest can be considered. 

  3. Make war a festival event but for 4 days. 

  4. Allow special achievements to be attained the war.

suggestions are welcome!.

An, previous season was interesting with 4 raids per war. Players had not a lot of room for mistakes and that was a good thing. 

For us the current season is pretty boring. Day one, we raid number 2 on the map, they simply gave up that war. To be clear, we didn’t use any defensive boosts. Day 2, we even let season boosts expire, use no defensive boosts and raid a fiefdom to corner two other teams and make them need to raid us. One team raids us, so we have two wars. Another disappointment, since those teams give up before they even reach 15k skulls. Day 3, we don’t raid, only one of the team raids us, the other not even tries. We don’t need to raid any more, since we already secured frenzies with minimum amount of fiefdoms. So summarizing it, it’s a depressing and boring war season for every team on the map. Number two is eating another team on their side, while the team they raid is taking last remaining fiefdom of the third team on that side. The teams we isolated are doomed to just raid us (what they don’t do).

I would love to see that every team during a season faces every other team exactly twice, so no more need for the map. I would not even give season boosts at the start, but give the home team an advantage, for example higher bonus (1%) or some defensive boost. This way a war season can be interesting. 

Gold in the system should be higher and definitely not depend on the number of times that a player has been raided/defeated by your team members. For example, I use to raid very strong players at the start. Then some give close to 1M gold. When I check a few hours later, the same player gives just a fraction of the original gold. 

I agree that participating members should get a little bonus. It’s no longer top 40, but 45 now.

Instead I would suggest that scored skulls are saved in a special vault and that players get extra rewards for the total sum earned during a lot of seasons. It doesn’t have to be absurd, give a chest for milestones

  • 5k -> 5-10 Grey chests
  • 10k ->  5-10 Green chests
  • 25k -> 5-10 blue chests
  • 50k -> 5-10 purple chests
  • 100k -> 5-10 Gold chests
  • 250k -> 5-10 Uber chests
  • 500k-> 5-10 War chests (and reset of skulls after getting this one). War chest could have rewards like pro chest, only no crystals/skulls in there.

This makes raiding at least interesting and when we would face every team twice, within 2-3 seasons we could already have 5 legendary chests. That for the uber and war chests we need several war participations, is fine with me. At least there is a goal where to work towards. And when rewards inside those chests are good, a lot of players will be interested to get them.

When i said that flare should give gems depending on skulls player score during war then you said flare is not a charity company then why flare will give that much more chests , after all flare is not a charity trust.

Did I say flare should put gems in those chests that I suggest as extra reward? Those chests are not costing Flare a single dime, that is what you have to realize, my intentions were not to burn your idea to the ground. Gems however are directly related to cash, so it would be unwise to offer them as reward for stimulating players to participate war seasons. I don’t know if you ever played the first war seasons. There were no cof plus also no chests as reward, no skull bonus plus no skull perk, only price was war boosts. There was no limit on raids, still we spend all food on doing extra raids for a lousy 20 skulls extra. Gold didn’t matter, it was an honor to win those boosts. At that time it was important to have those boosts, without them the team was guaranteed to be the prey of players who won war boosts, so that was our motivation, we needed those boosts.

With my suggested extra chests, they would stimulate players at least to participate. No gems required in there. Say you find a great pro/war item and tell it in alliance chat, what do you think others do? They congratulate you, but in fact they would like to have such a find also. 

When you can get gems easily for free, only a few will ever use cash to buy gems and the ones that buy them will need to buy them less frequently. You have to realize that flare can’t live of air only and should implement nothing that really hurts their income. That’s what I meant with charity. Say flare would do exactly what you say and give gems based on skull score. Now what conversion rate would be interesting?  A gem for every:

  • 500-1k scored. That would not make players participate. Still flare would have to give 3-10 gems per war. with 10 wars average this would mean 30-100 gems per participating player. 
  • 100 skulls scored. That’s already way too much, with 10 wars average players score 30k without skull perk. When flare has to give away 300+ gems average per player participating, they can immediately stop the game. Remember that in top seasons players also champ, they easily would score 70k+ skulls. If they win gems a lot, they simply don’t need to buy cash for all other stuff like pro league, they will get enough gems and need less cash. 

In fact we already get enough gems for free. More than a month ago, I could upgrade my AT and had less than 100 gems left. Now I again can upgrade AT as soon as there is a discount. In fact I found more than 3600 gems within a month, won a price in a contest (1k gems) plus saved 5k vouchers for 1k gems. I even wasted a lot of gems during war seasons to continue opening chests. 

I haven’t played first war season. But most of the war chest contains gems. We have many way to earn free gems but this doesn’t mean that there will be no new idea in future to earn free gems . In this way i can also say that we have many way to earn golds then why flare will provide free gold . I think no one(free player) is that much lucky as much you are to collect about 4k gems in one month but every one fills there treasure chamber at least one time in a week.

Correction, some of the war chests contain gems. That is correct and we get a few hundred every season. There also was once a time that we found gems inside COF without the need to spend gems. Gems there we now only get after we used gems, but it’s not happening quite often. 

4k gems you earn by luck indeed, you need to push your luck a little bit to get them. One way is working on your defense and improve it. During war season some players don’t accept a defeat and start to scroll like crazy. And than multiple gems fly in. 

At the current moment my team also has no defensive boosts. Then it’s time to leave gold unprotected. Players think it’s a walk in the park and get killed just after start. They resurrect and only give up when they see it costs a lot of gems. It’s a risky trick to do, but that’s why you need to forge your towers.

okay so will you get 4k gems in next month again. I dont think u have 5k more vouchers to get again 1k gems and , its not necessary that u win 1k gems again in contest .so number reduces to 2k. If you win contest its luck.  Defence can’t earn thousands gems in a month. For player lv near about 100.

I never said I will make 4k gems per month, on which base you conclude that? I mentioned 4k as an example. It also depends on war opponents of course. We recently switched back to dot, since for our lowest players the wars become too hard and we faced 60+ teams as a team with just 50 players.

The current opponents don’t even raid, so that way I not get as many as in previous G&M team. Previous season we face opponents scrolling like crazy. Some of them left 100 gems per raid. Then it adds up pretty fast. It feels like Christmas when that happens.

Vouchers I don’t receive 5k per month, I save them during a long period of time. Also the 1k reward I don’t get every month. So from those 5.6k I already can subtract 2k. But I also wasted a lot of gems for continuing opening cof during season (not any longer). 

Defense can’t earn thousands of gems a month? That your defense isn’t generating gems for you, doesn’t mean the defense of other players automatically don’t generate dozens of gems. 

Last month I definitely made 4k gems without the contest plus voucher gems. (Lol, I can get 1k gems from dungeons when worker is ready digging.) 

May I ask you some questions? Do you have:

  • all blacksmith slots unlocked?
    • If the answer is no, here is your main problem.
      • You can’t create enough pearls to forge your defensive troops plus towers. (Spells I leave out of the discussion)
      • You also don’t have enough pearls to forge your skull perks, which give you more chests (an indirect resource of gems).
      • Save gems for unlocking them when there is a discount.
  • forged your main defensive troops at least 20+ times on all stats?
    • If the answer is no,
      • your troops are easy to beat.
      • Solve that problem,
        • a troop surviving a spell can be annoying
        • a troop shooting from out of range and doing more damage also makes your defense stronger
  • forged defensive structures at least on two stats 15+ times (and preferable working on stat 3)
    • When you didn’t forge towers
      • max spells will literally tear them apart. 
      • there is no surprise effect. A tower shooting from out of range will and a tower doing more damage (a snake tower for example) also will surprise you.
      • they aren’t very effective.
      • Especially now it’s important to max all towers. Mine are either upgrading or maxed. And I have ‘just’ 5 workers. 
    • Obstacles aren’t really important
      • They should stop a raider
      • A frost trap (depends on your alliance boosts) can be slowing down a hero and when then suddenly projectiles are flying in, it can be end of raid or army.
      • This isn’t really important, your focus should be to kill a raider.
  • Good waves?
    • all your waves should be morale 40+ at least. Troops follow a hero, towers don’t. So it’s very important to have good waves filled with troops that are well forged.

As a second hint, stay low in trophies. When players find you by matchmaker, only a few will be able to beat your base. Most of them who can’t win, will quit. Your focus is on the players who don’t want to give up, they use gems, since they don’t want to risk losing a lot of trophies.

By having higher skull perk percentage I score easily 4.5k (1302 per raid!) skulls per war. But those skull perks need to be forged and it ain’t cheap in terms of pearls. I spend nowadays 4-5k pearls per cool down period on them. I can afford that, since my main spells plus troops are forged pretty well and don’t need more attention. 

Let’s check my attack History. 

  • A lot of players not using gems failing between 1-9%
  • A player using 11 scrolls plus 5 resurrections. giving 97 gems (See added screenshot)
  • A player using 8 scrolls and 5 resurrections giving 100 gems (See added screenshot)
  • Just a couple of hours ago another player failing and using a resurrection giving 4 gems. So today it’s not a gem getting day. 

I would say, not bad what happened yesterday. (left 14M unprotected gold yesterday, that attracts players). Last season a player raided me 4 times and left 100 gems behind every raid. Others also left gems. 

Now I don’t get this kind of raids every day. Most times I get a few gems (1-30) per raid, but it depends on raiders and gold left behind. But overall, we get two times gems inside war chests (200+ per season), inside ninja event same story. Plus on daily map we get gems a couple of times. Not that I even check it, but take the daily grey house gem plus the gems for free from tournaments, then your gem income is already attractive.

Like I explained, during more hard war seasons my base is really attacked a lot. And the ones who raid often fail, some don’t accept a loss and start to scroll and resurrect like crazy. 

Here the gems on my base from yesterday.

Depends on player lv , mine is just its not genrating 100s of gems. Players resurrect ones or twice and then quits. I am a free player so i have less gems or perls .

I also have only five workers , i am also upgrading my towers to max.

I can’t forge every towers because i earn pearls from ninja is 6k . And some from melting and rewards of chest .There are 21 towers to be forged. I also have to forge my spells and troops . I saved gems from start. I resurrect only if i dead in ninja(very rarely) . Scrolls very rare and cof i think just 2-3 times i used gems in it. I have lost about 500 gems mistajely. I am still on saving gems . I have 8k gems and waiting for community week to upgrade AT.About bs i have unlocked only 4 . I first want to upgrade AT atleast 1000k donation then will buy mor bs slot.

These stuffs are not that much easy as it is seen by high level player.

It has nothing to do with high level player or not, it has to do with making the right decision. I once bought gems twice (that’s another story) and used exactly 6k to get my AT from 250k to 500k donation. For the rest everything was used for helping my previous team (also part of that story, but in fact I had no gems left 2.5 years ago and never bought any gems after that).  

I know exactly your situation, I have been there and I drastically changed my goal after realizing that pearls are important. Last year before Halloween I realized that there are two roads to maxing AT plus BS, the fastest way is by being able to get your offense plus defense way stronger. I had a few gems in reserve (much less than 8k) and had to decide what to do next, go for slot 5 of blacksmith or raise my AT to 750k donation.

Let’s say we follow your path and upgrade AT first a couple of times. I don’t know your current AT level. Say it’s 500k, that means the need for upgrading twice. However, you can do only one upgrade at a time of AT.

  • You can donate more which improves your alliance gold situation somewhat. It gives your alliance 250k extra per day so 6- 7.5M extra per month 
  • However, your pearl situation does not improve
  • This means you still have 4 slots, getting almost 10.9 pearls per hour (32.7 when boosted). 
  • Your can’t forge a lot of things with the limited set of pearls you have as resource, your majority of pearls need to come from ninja events and it’s not a guarantee. Missing a tower could mean a loss of 1500+ pearls. Since you probably need the pearls for forging some of your spells and some of your troops, this means other important things can’t be forged.

If I were in your shoes, I would suggest the following. Instead of upgrading your AT, wait for blacksmith event. Then use 5250 (instead of 7500) gems to unlock 2 extra blacksmith slots. This has following effect:

  • You gain 2 extra slots for items
  • During the blacksmith event you immediately profit from extra pearls (every gem spend gives you a pearl, so you get 5250 pearls!) and you are able to profit from that blacksmith event by faster generating pearls than you ever could.
  • You gain 300% pearl conversion rate instead of 200%. This means each item you melt gives you 50% extra pearls from that moment on for the rest of your time you keep playing.
  • Instead of 330 seconds required per pearl you now generate a pearl every 200 seconds (unboosted). This means instead of close to 11 pearls per hour, you now can create 18 pearls per hour. It doesn’t look much, but trust me, you will be able to forge a lot more things at the same time.
  • For those 2 extra slots you gain also pearls. What most don’t realize, is that It brings you closer to completing the pearl diver quest, which gives you 3500 gems as reward! When you even manage to complete that quest, (that is not possible by upgrading AT, but it is by unlocking blacksmith slots!) you can immediately go for slot 7! (giving you also extra pearls!) 
  • You gain pearls for the spend gems during blacksmith, but you won’t get pearls for upgrading AT. 

Now… If you even manage to unlock slot 7 by completing the pearl diver quest and using those gems, it gets interesting. 

  • You gain another slot for items
  • Your pearl conversion rate goes to 400%, meaning you get double the amount of pearls in comparison with now.
  • Instead of 10.9 pearls per hour, you go to 36 pearls per hour. Imagine what you could do with those extra pearls.

I don’t have to explain what slot 8 means, 180 pearls per hour (540 boosted) and during a blacksmith event you gain more pearls than you ever imagined!

With the extra pearls you can improve more troops (defense plus offense) and spells (offense) in the same amount of time. An alliance tower upgrade doesn’t give you the extra pearls. From the moment on that you unlock a slot you profit from the extra pearls for the rest of the time you play. Every day that you don’t upgrade them you literally fall more behind. Especially during a blacksmith event. Time to convert pearls is way to high when you just have 4 slots, I get a pearl every 20 seconds. Boosted it’s every 6.67 seconds a pearl. During blacksmith the pearls are tripled and pearl conversion time is lowered by 30%. This means I get 3 times more pearls than you for items, but I need less than 5 seconds per pearl, while you need 140 seconds per pearl. See the difference?

Especially during blacksmith events I can generate an enormous amount of pearls and use them on anything I want (cooldown 12 hours) and forge things literally several times, while you don’t have the pearls to forge items multiple times. And during a community week with pearl madness I don’t need to tell you that the amount of pearls are abnormal. 

Say you can save now 1k gems per month and get only seldom gems for players scrolling your base, you never wondered why? What would you think if you would be able to have more pearls and spend them on forging your main troops and spells first to 20+ times on every stat. I realized that forging towers is very important. You need an enormous amount of pearls for doing so. This can improve your defense by 30% per stat (30% more health on a tower, more range, more damage) and this generates gems. An AT upgrade only helps your team to activate a boost. When your defense and offense gets stronger, you can raid stronger bases and less opponents are able to beat your base. That’s how you generate more gems. 

When you first go for AT, it will take you much longer to max them both. And… your stuff will be far from forged well, which makes your base an easier target (meaning no gems required)

@Dena4 is right. I only started to forge my defense like two months ago (I was focusing on my offense) and I never had that many gems from defense like I’m getting now. AT at 500k will get you in a strong alliance. We are at level 69 and 500k is our minimum, we even sometime accept 250k player. 

Also, I started to invest in some luck gear. I never tought that it would be that beneficial. Man I was wrong ! I can get a lot of pearl daily just by raiding open base and getting items in the COF.

I can’t wait for the next BS event, I now have enough to get that last slot. 

I strongly advise to stop at 500k donation and then max melting slots. That was the best decision i made :slight_smile:
Also start collecting luck items, as much as possible. You can do fast CoF runs on open bases and get lots
of items for melting. You can get 10k or 20k or 30k, even 40k pearls per week by that, just depending on your
time. Then you can afford to forge your defense and i can tell you from my own experience: the difference is
HUGE. I don’t get as many gems as Jack, but i don’t dive that deep in trophies like he does :wink:

Anyway: now i’m set to upgrade at to 1250k donation during next alliance party. Max donation after that maybe
2 months later (i will get 2000 gems for vouchers “soon”, mostly also from CoF runs).

Bro  no good allaince want to recruit player with 500k donation. But i will go through your advice . Thanks. Will unlock bs slots when there is an event.


Hii Dena4 , i am on 500k and i will buy bs slots in next bs event. I am playing game from about 1 year in which i am inactive for about 4 months. I started playing due to my health issues and i am on bed rest so i have a lot of time and i started growing very fast . I have 8k and i will get 3.5k more gems in quest for getting 10k pearls by using  gems  . I think i can buy 3 more slot in next event. Thanks for the infos.Enjoy the upcoming event.

I will. And please let us know how you experience extra blacksmith slots. Oh, make sure you max blacksmith shop also, next is a viking event (I guess for a week or so), so you have time to level up blacksmith shop f you didn’t yet. It’s very important to get him maxed.

You will see that you will get pearls like you aren’t used to. When you gain pearls, start to forge legendary items also for getting luck, farm and skull gear. Luck gear will give you a lot of items, farm gear save bread and I don’t need to tell you what skull gear does. Only forge legendary items with good primary stats, like leadership, scream gear. This will help you a lot.

First focus on your main spells plus troops. The extra pearls you should then use on towers. You will notice that your defense starts to grow much stronger. Good luck

Thanks dena , i am on second last lv of bs. But i need to know which perk of towers should be forged and i hope you will help me.

Also in case of troops i am forging

  1. Speed perk of knight . 2.heal range of monk & his health . 3. Skeleton cooldown of necromancer. 4.damage done by cannons.

I have no idea for forging which perk of which defensive troops. So help me out , waiting for your reply.


Join G&M, and you will not regret it. You will gradually become a strong player.

There are many players like Dena (actual name Jack), Edward, Mogor, Karman (now retired, hah he is only in his twenties), Momo. They are all good and great players.



Sure, no problem. 

Let’s first focus on towers. For ranged towers range is important. They should be triggered by hero or troops when they are still out of range. When this range stat is forged 15 times (after 15 times forges you gain less value per forge. Beware… It’s still important to improve them, but first work towards 15 times on all stats), go for damage. When still out of range, towers doing more damage is important. Last I would focus on health. It’s annoying for example when a tower in range survives a spell. Especially when such a tower is healed by a monk or heal tower.

For non ranged towers like snake towers it’s important that they do more damage. So I would focus there on poison first, then on health to survive more damage and then for example protection against blunt damage. Also here you must think, a hero walking unprotected under the green shower should be surprised by taking health away fast. 

Then troops. Also here ranged troops, focus on range first, the further away they do damage, the better. Take as example arblasters or pyro. Without forge arblasters have range 5.5 and pyro 5. Cannons have range 6 and can’t be forged on range. When cannons are in defense they kill your unforged range troops like frosters. That’s reason why frosters aren’t a wise choice in offense, when a lot of cannons are there. However… When you forge your arblasters on range and start to get their range over 6.2, they suddenly start to outshoot cannons. So range is important, it means firing (or doing damage) before the opponent. So when there is range to be forged, do it.

Now for your troops. It depends where you use them, in defense or offense or both. Ranged troops I already answered, when you can forge range, do that first. When you use troops in defense mainly, their health should be getting next priority, except necromancers! I will tell you in a moment why.

Say you use arblasters in defense. A spell like blizzard instantly kills them without extra forges, unless… they are forged on health. When you aminly use a certain troop in defense, then go for health second, but when you use them in offense, go for the other stat first.

Knights their speed is important, so that is stat 1 to forge (close to 3 speed). Next I would say damage, you need them to do a lot of damage to destroy barricades and take out troops plus towers. They are expendable due to low morale, so focus on them both. Health is last stat, but must be forged also. Think on a surprise mummy in defense. He dies and knights pop out. When a blizzard or other spell doesn’t kill them a raider loses time. 

So when you use troops in defense, it’s handy that they survive. Health helps with that. I excluded the necromancer from this rule. A necromancer generates skeletons depending on cool down. So the lower that cool down, the more skeletons are created. Second perk on that should be health.