How to motivate alliance for WAR SEASON

I am curious how alliance leaders motivate their their allys. If you could give me some ideas. I have some things in place but it seems for every 50 invites, I find one or two good people that are willing to donate and participate in all WAR SEASON battles.


Thank you in advance for your time!

setting up an efficient way to communicate with your alliance is crucial. I have made a facebook group for us


the in game chat isn’t very efficient

kick those who don’t fight/donate

Yeah, you have to always have 1 space open and be recruiting constantly. Communication is crucial, as players don’t feel connected without it. Also, upgrade your alliance tower to donate more and always be the first one to attack; you have to lead by example. If people don’t see their leader attacking, they may not attack either, and they may not be on again by the time you do attack.


I have thought about this and posted the question into chat about using a third party communication tool. I have posted for people to like “illuminati5joekee” page, and 5 of our 28 members liked the page. I run our 2500+ trophies alliance (illuminati5) and a buddy runs our 2500- trophies alliance. I want to have both alliances in the same chat so they can learn and we can have more interaction. Great idea :slight_smile:



I have a kick policy in place for leaches. All are aware of it. Thank you.



Due to leaches, we typically have a couple spaces open.

I communicate our guidelines in chat, at least, once a day. Working on an external chat program. Some do not use Facebook, so that option is out.

I donate 500k as of today :slight_smile:

Definitely the one starting WAR SEASON battles, using strategy, first to third one to attack first, and communicate all plans in chat.


Thank you!


We implemented “LINE” and are slowly moving both alliances over to it. And, you are right, the in-game chat is very ineffective. There are no alerts. Should be a a number on it, like everything else, like the quests icon. A ding sound would be good to.

Hi Jokee,


As with any significant human endeavour, unless you can integrate participation into the culture of your alliance it will be like pulling teeth.


Alliance wars require an inordinate amount of commitment on the part of players. Ask yourself : Outside of basic biological needs (eat, sleep, etc) how many activities are willing to commit to participate in on daily basis without fail besides work or school. I would wager that for most of us the answer is ZERO.


The surest (only?) way to have strong participation is to build up a strong culture inside your organization. One that people will buy into thereby committing themselves and their time (and significant amounts of money) to this activity. Failing that I do not think it is possible to consistently command people attention and loyalty over any period of time,


Hope this helps!


Knight Gallant


Yeah, I’m proud to be part of team of active gamers who also appear to have strong social lives. Finding those guys makes everything less stressful but still very competitive. I mean, we don’t win Nobel Prizes for being a Top Alliance, so we just first build an enjoyable community that people love and then they “buy into it” when war season comes around and most everyone hauls in the skull points. Top 30 or 40 is where we reside, and the most important part is having a boatload of fun.

I don’t even motivate people in my alliance.

I just try to compete and they use me as a goal to beat skulls.

At least 3 times I’ve heard… “as long as I can beat CHILD’s skulls I’m okay.”

We have implemented a strategy from I.C.E. to illuminati5 to create a good strong team in illuminati5. It will take a while to build us back up but will keep us a strong team later. To motivate people, I am seeing, is to create a reward system. This is in place now and I hope this works. The alliance has emptied out twice over stupid stuff but when there is no accountability, we see people F*** Everybody And Run (FEAR). Accountability comes from the creators and this is just not there. Anybody can do anything but cheat and they will get away on a clean slate (somebody kicked half my alliances memebers out and Flaregames did nothing about it - that toon would have been discovered and banned in most other MMOs).


I keep a personal Blacklist and am thinking about maintaining it here on the forums. Anybody can post a name here but needs to have an explanation of why they want them added. This person can easily dispute their name being put on this list. But, they also will need to explain why. What do you all think about this?



Hi Joekee,


May I respectfully suggest that you pass on this. The forums already harbor a lot of negative posts/comments. This can only end badly.

I do not know how long you play this game but there will be a lot of turnover in your alliance some justified, other less so.

You will get you share of jumpers, spies, freeloaders, saboteurs, etc…  It is part of the game, a reflection of the spectrum of human nature.


At one time I was tracking every entry/departure, until I realized that it was pointless.

Focus on the main thing which is building the very best alliance you can (whatever  this means for you) ignore the rest.




Knight Gallant



Knight Gallant is right. Don’t take it all too seriously. A long time member who I really looked up to just left our alliance, so I was disappointed… for a bit. And then I went on my happy raiding way. At the end of the day, we’re still a happy family with who we have and 2 new very talkative, friendly members just joined. Good times ahead again. :slight_smile:

Good leaders lead they don’t dictate no need for hitlers in this game.