How to play and enjoy RR2

Most guides will help you to get stronger faster. This guide I started to show you how to enjoy the game of RR2. I will tell you about my journey and the things I liked about the game. I will also explain what you need to avoid and the reasons for avoiding it. I will call these guides rules.

Rule 1: Create an account and be active on the forum

There is a real enjoyment in posting new content and seeing people enjoy and like it. Sometimes people will not like wat you say and might even call you “stupid”. Try to be respectful always. Sometimes something will really frustrate you and the forum is a place to write about it. You will get a lot of good advice from others. Post your new ideas, at first most will not like it, but later on things tend to chance.

I have sometimes spend hours thinking on how to respond to a topic. I really enjoy this interaction.

Rule 2: Only play with 1 account.

Playing with more than 1 account does remove a lot of obstacles to allow for uninterrupted play time and it can be fun. I have once played with 8 accounts at the same time. Currently I only play with 1 account and I would strongly recommend for you to do the same. Here are the reasons why:

  1. In order to really enjoy RR2 you need to face obstacles the game presents and to overcome them. Playing with more than 1 account will rob you of the opportunity to grow. 

  2. Its against Flare’s T&C to play with more than 1 account.

  3. More than 1 account will cost you more in terms of money and time. RR2 is a game that ask more and more of your time and multiple accounts will take over your life.

  4. RR2 game is about strategy and you need to think and plan your next move. It’s really difficult to do this with multiple accounts.

Lastly if you still do want to play with more than one account I will recommend you only swap after a lost war to the other account. Then play until the next lost war. When you swap be sure to upgrade your farms before you leave  (as they are the most painful upgrades in the game)

Rule 3: When things in the game turns to frustration - take time off from RR2

After the Pro League update, my game caches the moment the battle starts on average 1 in 3 battles, but sometimes 4 battles in a row. As a result I loose too much food to be able to acquire gold for upgrades and this is very frustrating. Added with the server crashes during the war, and the fact that only top 40 members results are counted it also means I am letting my friends down in the war because of this problem. I have logged 3 support calls that was only answered after some week. I was advised to uninstall and reinstall. This I have done a view times. In the end it was no longer possible for me to continue playing and I had to take some time out to cool down (for when I play I need to enjoy it).  When things in the game turns to frustration - take time off from the game.  This is exactly what I am doing now.

So I stopped on RR2 and I started to play Olympus Rising. This game is also a reverse tower defense game like royal revolt2 (RR2) but with a total different theme - that of the Greek gods. The whole game feels like the best ideas from RR2 was taken and improved on:

  • There is minimum level the alliance leader can set for joiners. :slight_smile: ( This is a big frustration in RR2 )
  • Towers can be turned to face different directions - leading to better strategy. :slight_smile:
  • The CoF is not a lot of sculls laughing at you when you miss the right one. Every chest you open will be successful. There is even a button to open all three chest at once. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ( This is a big frustration in RR2 )
  • The graphics looks even better than that of RR2. :slight_smile:
  • When upgrades are near finish (about 90% done) - you can finish it free without using gems :slight_smile: . ( This is missing in RR2 )
  • There is an awesome upgrade AI that really helps with good upgrade suggestions. :slight_smile:  ( This is missing in RR2 )
  • Buildings in can be turned. There is a lot of decorating items that can be build to make things look better. :slight_smile:
  • All resources (gold and food) can be collected in one press of button. :slight_smile:
  • The game have active Flare developers on the forum (and their content count is in the top 5) Well done @CaptainMorgan and friends. :slight_smile: ( This is missing in RR2 ) I have found an interesting comment on the internet from a previous employee of Flare stating that RR2 was not supposed to last this long. It is a very big surprise that the game has survived this long. ( To me this explains a lot about Flare lack of interest in the community of RR2 )
  • The game is very well balanced and do not try to take over your life. (Maybe the game is too well balanced. We are not gods and life is not that perfect as it is created in this game.

A lot of things are the same as in RR2:

  • You have a path that you need to protect with waves of soldiers, blockades and towers.
  • You also have a gate. Upgrade the gate to get more towers and longer path
  • You also have alliance building that work same as RR2
  • There is also spells like in RR2
  • There is also a barracks like in RR2
  • When you attack other islands, you need to win the players towers blockades and waves. 

I must congratulate the devs of Olympus Rising as the game has a rich quality in the game mechanics that is not present in RR2. I really started to wonder why Olympus Rising is not as in demand as RR2. I think there are two reasons for this:

  •  I believe that the first reason is that the good graphics has come at a price - only the top devices are supported. The game does not run on BlueStacks or on Windows.  :slightly_frowning_face:
  •  I believe the second reason is that the game is balanced too much in not allowing players to play too much. I am still at level 8 hero and can only fight 3 battles in the morning and 3 battles in the evening. That is 6 battles per day. In RR2 on level 40 it is still possible to do 30 battles / 3 hours. The reason for this in Olympus Rising is that you can only battle hero’s on the islands that is near your mountain and your “food” also runs out very fast. I think this over balance at the start of the game is the death of this game. I am struggling to find a startup alliance with active members. Most startup alliances have 50%-80% inactive members. It is as if most new people just loose complete interest in this awesome game. (They loose interest because it is not possible to progress faster by doing more fights. The game does not allow you to fight that much). :slightly_frowning_face:

Rule 4 : If you do not enjoy the game - delete it.

After the introduction of the pro-league my king crashed with every second battle. I logged a call - but after a week of uninstalling, reinstalling and a disastrous war season - I said goodbye to everyone, leave and delete the game.

Today I am back and I enjoy everything again. Even the things that frustrated me previously. :slight_smile:

And the bugs that crashed my game, was also fixed.  

Very good and balancing thread my friend…

Thanks @vikasbhardwaj


For instance: The trophy system…I’ll leave it at that ?