How to play best with update 2.5.2.


         I am starting a new thread on the tricks and strategy to be used in the newest updates. All experienced players can contribute to help others.

Of course, we will know more as we start the true play from Friday. 

Anyhow, the update 2.5.1 started by Alysea is more towards the update issues and doubts. This purely is on the tactical side and will be useful for many.

I will start by finding out the new weapons to be launched in this update. Did you find it?



I think a lot did not click on the FAQ on the announcement. That give a lot more information about the ninjas and the ninja coins you can buy:-(

Still, 2 days to go for new tricks to come. Hold on guys who knows what’s on offer. 

Trick = spend gems to win lol

Yes, but then free players will definitely find ways to survive.  


The decision now will be to go for the ninja event (which everyone will) or win the open leagues… (some quick gems)  :grinning:

:slightly_frowning_face: Inquisitive mind.

Increase trophies before entering ninja event OR decrease trophies before entering ninja event.  STRATEGIC question? 

If you will pay money to scroll, go higher.

If you are a free player try to stay lower.

Low trophy low reward,high trophy higher win situation.depending ur lvl.purposely drop low,reward gain also no use

Yes, but between 4000-5000 you have 125 players competing.


So during the ninja event, we gain ninja coins…right? So that means the league trophies are wide open.

or both go parallelly? 

They both go at the same time :slight_smile:

So strategically speaking, it’s a choice between gems and ninjas. Now we are talking.  :wink:

Ninja bases offer medals as well, and quite high I would say. First base offeres me like 1100 medals and was really, really easy.

There you go. Thanks Mag.  :slight_smile:

The event has been the epitome of unwanted anger amongst players. Currently, contrary to the belief that there might be some skills required to clear the ninja levels,…none seem to be there.


No skill and most players are have their game crash. I think I was less upset when the ninjas mess the whole game up Friday. At least then I didn’t loss 1k gems :frowning:

Oops! Did you lose gems?

I don’t think (now as it is going) it’s worth to invest in the game. After spending a fortune sometimes you feel you are back to square 1.


I agree with you now. I was defending being a paid player(30 or so a month) with Edward. But starting to feel he was right. Feel like a sucker, not because I spend but because of spending in this bug filled update.