How to play in English?

Hi, I need to play Royal Revolt 2 in English instead of Polish. How can I do that? Please help. me. I play on Windows 10.


Hello, @LadyMartna123

The game automatically uses the same language your device is set to use. If you want to play RR2 in English, you must change your device’s language to English as well. 

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I suspected that’s how it works. Now, if only someone explained why it’s like that instead of there being a language setting in game options (like in every other game).

From my own experience changing language in game on windows was a bit more complicated. On android yes, it would adapt automatically to the device languange. On Windows not so much.  My PC was set from start to English UK, I never changed it to my native language, though still the game was not in English. I had to dig a bit and figure out I need to change location/langage in my microsoft account, then after some time a game indeed changed to English UK, though another problem was that the store and currency started being  converted to British pounds. Not sure how and when but now it adapted, the game is in English and store is in my local currency.

So yeah, try to change your device language, if it’s not working like in my case, then change it in your microsoft acocunt.