How to play same account at two device

Hello ;


I m using windows phone so i play game at phone normaly. But i installed windows 8.1 to my pc so i activated with same windows account . I saw my xbox name on pc same. Also it says you downloaded royal revolt 2 on phone so i download it to pc and start to game . It starts from begining like a new user. But i tried on other game like age of empires when it opens its same game and same level on my phone. Why we cant play same account on two device with same login information. My phone burning like hell so i cant continue to long play at phone whats the point of this ?


Is it some solution or its not gonna happen let us know !!!

I have the same problem, I play in my Windows 8.1 notebook and I can’t play with the same account on my windows phone. It only happens to Windows users, Android and iOS users are able to play in more than 2 devices… again, flaregames doesn’t care to Windows users, we can’t play in more than 1 device and can’t get food and gems on tapjoy. So unfair… :slightly_frowning_face:
Please flare, fix it ASAP, there’s no point to make the game for Windows/WP and make it unfair.

I actually had made an account on my Windows phone than I decided to transfer my account on my pc running windows 8 cause I feared that my progress will be lost if anything happens to my phone (since progress is not kept in windows phones while it is backed up in One Drive on Windows 8 pc) so I made a new profile on my windows pc and requested flare games to transfer my old account(and progress) from my phone to pc I provided them all the information accurately so my  account was transferred within 24 hours but when I later I tried to open my game on my phone just to see what happens after the account gets transferred to another device but I found that the game was actually there with same username and progress it was actually synced not transferred !

I know it is said that game cant be synced on 2 windows devices but the case is different with me.

I still can play on both my phone and pc but prefer to play on my windows phone cause the game play is difficult on pc you have to press 1,2,3 for units and 4,5,6 for spells and Q for Hero Scream while you have to navigate with your mouse you cant use a Joy pad or joystick for that.

I wish I could play the game with my Joy Pad.

My devices:

  1. HTC 8X Windows Phone 8.1

  2. HP Envy 4 Windows 8.1 (Without Touch Screen)

Thank you for your advice yesterday i applied to support section and write my situation same as you. Now i can play on my phone and desktop pc :slight_smile: