How to: Receive 200 gems if you started playing on FB Canvas and move to Mobile.

Hello Kings & Queens,

If you started playing on Facebook Canvas and move to the mobile version , you can receive 200 Gems!

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Start with a new user on FB Canvas and complete the Tutorial (entering your King’s name).
  2. Start with a new user on mobile and login with your FB Account that plays Canvas in the first Tutorial battle.
  3. Dismiss the Pop-Up.
  4. Choose that you want to play with your FB Canvas Account when the Account conflict Pop-Up appears.
  5. After the game finished loading you will have your Canvas progress on Mobile and receive 235 Gems via Pop-Up ( 200 Gems as reward for starting on Canvas version, and 35 Gems for login with Facebook for the first time)
  6. Restart playing your Canvas Account and notice that your game progress has been synced.

Please note this only works from Facebook Canvas to Mobile version. You cannot receive similar rewards by syncing your Mobile version to Facebook Canvas.