How to regain the leadership of an alliance?

Hi guys, I had a gang ranked about 600 and with (tehran power) name.

I had to go on a trip and I didn’t have internet for 1 week. After I rejoined and saw my gang members, I saw that I am an officer not a general anymore and another guy is general. Why? I didnt promote him to be a general. Please help me

You say you rejoined. Do you mean you left the alliance and rejoined it after your week away? Because when the general leaves the alliance, I believe one of the officers gets named general.

If u don’t log in for a week you are demoted and new general is made

Thanks for the help crabz and is there a hope that he gets demoted and they make me general again?

And I mean I rejoined the game with the same account and I was still in gang

Hello Kasra,

I would recommend you to contact him about it, as you were the previous General. By talking with him, you might manage to get your leadership back.

I had created an alliance called vampire clan my In game name is drnraju. I had only one player with me hehe3 in my alliance who went inactive since long time. I left my alliance accidentally. From an invite from other alliance. Now that hehe3 has become general. But he is inactive so no other members. How can I get back to my alliance vampire clan again as a General?


You can contact the CS team here for such issues. They should be able to help you further.

For some reason, when I went back onto Olympus Rising, I was checking my Alliance and realised I was an Officer and a random member had been promoted to General. I must admit, I was ‘inactive’ for a few days but that was for personal reasons and I don’t get why I was kicked as the leader in the Alliance that I made… for no reason. Didn’t really seem fair :slightly_frowning_face:

Hello Sebubble,

If you are flagged as inactive your leadership will automatically be passed on to one of the officers.

This prevents the alliance from being without any leadership so it can still progress.

You can get in touch with the support, they might be able to help you.

Aaah, I guess I understand the reasoning. Couldn’t there be a way for the original creator of the Alliance to get automatic leadership back, should they return? I liked being the leader, seeing as I created it, but I feel awkward asking the member who is the new leader to promote me back. There may even be instances where they refuse. Just a suggestion. Thanks for replying, though.


Unfortunately so far there is no other way to get your leadership back than asking the current leader. 

Thanks for the suggestion though!

Hello there,

I was owner of xSpartans and made that guild to level 10. Everything goes fine until my little sister left alliance by mistake… when i saw i was no more in my alliance… the alliance leadership shifted to some guy who became inactive. I rejoined my alliance as a soldier. i want to get back my ownership of my alliance.
Any possiblities ? 

donate most and wait for new guy to go inactive…

You can wait until he is back active and gives back the alliance to you. That’s up to him. If he is not, then you lost it bro. You need to be careful with these things. But so unlucky? Lol Sorry but this rarely happens ?.

Hello, creators of one of the best games ever :


I had a stupid problem, and I hope u solve it Asap because that’s a really big problem for us, I am the general of 3ΘΘ HISPΔNOS and I’ve just promoted an inactive player to general by mistake. I wanted to promote to oficial another member, but I did with this inactive guy. Can u do something to solve it, please? 



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Hello. You should contact flaregames support team, I believe they can help you with your issue :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m the founder and used to be the general of an alliance. I had noticed the title founder in some alliances. I decided to promote an officer in my alliance to general but by doing that I got demoted to officer without warning. I expected to be granted the title founder or at least get a warning. 

What a strange development. Any idea what one can do in this case?

Ask the player you made general to make you general back. 

The founder title is only available for the new teams at the moment. This said though, you can also sacrifice a couple of Odysseuses to @CaptainMorgan and he may very well aid you in geting that title.

hello EK13

ask CaptainMorgan to promote you to the rank of Founder

you will need to answer some questions first

and when you do that right and get the rank

only then you can promote someone else to your old rank the General

and leave you to the rank you got

cheers bro!!!