How to remove inactive Facebook friends?

I have 4 inactive facebook friends in my friends list i cant get rid of. Even went as far as unfriending them in facebook temporarily to try to get them off, but still didnt work. Please help cuz its taking up my friends list and cant make anymore friends.

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follow these steps to unlock the ability to “unfriend them”

(read the entire thing first before doing it so you know what you have to do)

1, go to your facebook account and click on the royal revolt 2 game settings. disable it allowing it to read your facebook friends list, hence not updating your game’s friends list

this will mean when you connect with your facebook account to rr2 next time, there won’t be any new added facebook friends

2, go onto your game, and make sure when you start, you are connected to facebook. Disconnect from facebook, and then reconnect, this will result in your friends to dissapear, however, in time, they will begin to re appear.

3, to stop them from reappearing and have completed the two steps above, make sure you have book marked the players that are inactive or search up those that you want to unfriend, and then what you do is click, add as friend (so send them a friend request), once this is completed, you will be able to unlock the unfriend option on those facebook friends. Once you have unfriended them, both sides will not be able to be “friends” with each other unless sending each other a regular friend request or re-enabling facebook allowing rr2 to read your friends list.

I have done it myself and most people in my alliance

Hopefully this will help you out


So how do you get rid of those that aren’t friends on FB? I have two people in my friends list that were never part of my FB friend list, I don’t know who they are, I never accepted their friend request on RR2 (I ignored it because I didn’t get the option to deny the request, only a button to accept the request) and now because they are inactive I can’t get rid of them. I have tried every way to delete them, including unclicking the star (which was never clicked green in the first place). Because they are not part of my FB friend list I can’t “book mark” them, “unfriend them from FB”, “send them a message” or anything else, especially since they are inactive in RR2 now. Please help.


Tried and didn’t work. These people aren’t part of my FB friends to begin with, so I can’t unfriend them on FB nor can I do anything else to remove these players. There Has to be a better way to get rid of these inactive players. 

if you had followed the steps correctly. it works. I had friends a bit like you who were never on my friend’s list. just skip that step and move onto sending them a friend request - (adds them as a regular friend) and then unfriend (removes them from your side but also from the other person’s view of their friends list leaving you two no longer being friends with each other)


Try again, if it doesn’t work, make sure you followed the steps correctly, as i don’t know anyone yet that hasn’t tried this method and not been able to unfriend.

Good luck :wink:


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If they are inactive, you cannot do anithing with it.

"add as friend" button inactive

you can, you just need to make sure you followed stuff above properly. 

proof: Find a random inactive player and you will be able to send them a friend request( assuming that they accept them of course) no different at all.


Good luck

Oh, I tried so long ago :slight_smile:

You are right.

Problem is another - you CANNOT find inactive player! (if he is not member of alliance)

Sofisticated situation :slight_smile:



Ghost alliance! :slight_smile:

bookmark them

then find them via bookmarked area. done.

so simple? thanks!!! :slight_smile:

np :wink: