How to restart my account?

I really do not know where to put this topic. 


Anyway, I have notice how many people are complaining that RR2 has been ruined; all the fun is gone. However, it is only the upper ranked players saying this. (e.g. 2-3 of the top ten players)


So I was wondering whether you could restart my account so I could see if the lower level playing is also ruined?

Hi MisterE,


I can tell you the game is still a lot of fun - at least up until lvl60.


I think I have been banned for watching too many videos recently. After a 2 weeks break I decided to start all over and while it still hurts having lost the main account I realized that the game actually is much more fun in the lower ranks!



he just wants to play the game again

no he doesn’t

Are you sure about that

I enjoyed the game; I do not enjoy the game nearly as much anymore. As for wanting to keep playing, I am not sure. If it is fun, then yes; if it is not fun, then no.

yes, he is restarting so he can also see if the lower level gameplay is ruined

or he wants to join my alliance

you’re a funny guy aren’t you <_<

I got a silver(hehe) medal for being funniest guy in my school

well done (said in the most sarcastic tone ever)