How to return wars to skill.

Flare, first of all, your current strategy of “Oh, just attack anyone! :D” doesn’t work. It isn’t fun. When I’m a 4ker, and I can get the same rewards from a 3.5ker as I can from a 4.5ker, then I’m going to go with the easiest battle, and it’s not even going to be a challenge.

So here are the things you need to do:

  1. Make skull count based on something most substantial than level. There are numerous threads in this already, so I won’t repeat them.

  2. Base skull count, not only on % victory, but also on time remaining! Ergo, if I beat a base with 40sec remaining, then I should get a 25% boost to that skull count.

What these two things, together, will do is, they’ll make people:

A. Fight opponents who truly are challenging. And,

B. Will reward actual skill. I.e, if you and your opponent have the same spells, then the greater number of skulls goes to he with the best defense and the best raid strategy.

Time left bonus?

Some people will use scroll to win it fast and there gonna be alot peoole complain about pay2win again

I dont agree with this

Very interesting and good ideas from both.


I support using remaining time for extra skull count during raids among war opponents (or extra gold during off-war raids). This small move will certainly encourages skillful play.


Maybe start off with small reward bonus say in the 3 tiers of 0%/1%/2% for weaker opponent, 2%/3%/4% for roughly same level opponents and 4%/5%/6% for stronger opponent corresponds to say 15s/30s/45s remaining - anything below 15s no bonus, for weaker opponent anything below 30s no bonus.


How weak or strong can be determined by the king’s lvl of the attacker vs the king’s lvl of defender or the strength of the defender vs the attacker.


If opponent uses scrolls we can tweak it by reducing bonus by 2% every scroll used. Example if one uses 1 scroll against a weaker, one does not get any bonus no matter what time remains. Another example is if one uses 1 scroll against a stronger opponent, one’s bonus is reduced by 2% from 4%/5%/6% to 2%/3%/4%. 

Admit it, there is NO way to return wars to skill unless FG is fine on getting less salary…

if we base skull on how fast it is completed, high level players will pound of low level players and finish base with more than 1 minute left easily with 25% bonus.