How to save the Conquest mode

I will be brief and just list items that need to be improved in the Conquest mode. (This is a translation from Russian via Google translate, I hope you will understand)

  1. Remove the need to constantly be online, remove the need to constantly collect resources from the field, make the assembly automatic, and how about improving the resource-mining buildings themselves?)
  2. Add a study queue, let people sleep.
  3. Remove the skull bonus, you make the players wait for their allies, and do not allow strong players to have at least some weight in the fight against 2-3 weak ones.
  4. Remove the total attack limit and reduce the number of attacks for each player from 3 to 1. So it will not make sense for strong players to wait for more powerful players to join the war in order to earn more skulls on them.
  5. By the way, why, when players meet 1 against 1 approximately equal strength, the weaker will get more skulls, which will win the battle, this should not be, the stronger player must always win, the correction factor taking into account the number of skulls must be added player. (In the war of alliances it is necessary to do the same thing).
  6. Add a level restriction to enter the conquest at the level of 20-25, and right now my alliance is fighting against 15 alternative accounts of the 2-10 level of the enemy head, he uses them to intercept and to deliver a large number of troops to where he needs to win the highest victory.
  7. Regarding the highest victory, why can’t level 95 quickly defeat a player with level 2? The level and rank of the player should affect the overall rating of the attack or defense.
  8. In the last update, you added an interesting feature that does not allow for some time to re-attack, thereby capturing players in captivity, but this is not enough while some people are at work or sleeping. I offer another, until the player has attacked even once in a war, he can safely leave this tile, if he has already been attacked, he leaves with a loss of half the troops or losing so many troops as a percentage of how much is left until the end of the battle, it’s like an escape from the battlefield.
  9. When leaving the castle with 0 troops, add a warning to the player so that he unknowingly or does not forget to assign troops to himself.
  10. The troops will not be enough for all the soldiers, so that the players do not beg for troops in the chat, add the possibility to the Head and the Generals to put a tick on the appointment screen in the castle who should allow himself to assign troops, thus the problem with the players that the troops assigned is solved but they do not play.
  11. I think that the rank of sergeant is not enough to build towers, it needs to be removed.

12. In low leagues where players need to collect, for example, only about 100 tiles for the maximum reward, enter small cards where the maximum number of tiles will be limited to, for example, 500, so players will no longer negotiate with each other in order to simply survive the conquest mode, and now I I see no reason for players to fight with others in so many lands.

13. Since my alliance is open and new players are constantly joining it, there is an idea that during the conquest these can be spies, in any case I don’t know if they see the battlefield, but they shouldn’t see it if they have entered.

The whole time requirement is just not ok with people.

We already had attacks within first 12 hrs. Thursday… people were at work. Massive attacks on Friday…people were at work. 

Other teams on complete different time zone, attack everything any time we sleep. So no one was sleeping. 

By day 3 people were just uninstalling the game.:frowning:

2,4,5,7. You basically want to make it impossible for lower level players to win fights?  If they implemented your suggestion the highest level player would just never lose fights, no matter how many opposed him.  7v1?  He gets 7 attacks, they all get 1, if any of them fail to score skulls on him, he wins.

  1. This warning already exists.  Generals should be able to remove troops from people who are in the stronghold though.  They came from there, I don’t see why you couldn’t just “collect” them back from players like you do from resources.

  2. New players cannot see or participate in conquest.

Well, the higher level play would get 5 attacks, not 7,  but still, if 7 low level players attack or get attacked by a higher level player, it’s just motivation to move up in the game and become like that player. @Silver47 is right, the stronger player should win, because that’s the way it should work. I’m not saying that the stronger should automatically win, I’m just saying that the lower level shouldn’t get an advantage just because the other player is stronger

He said to remove the total attack limit and give each player 1 attack per opponent.  So the stronger player would get 7 attacks.  He’s also suggesting normalizing the skulls won so you don’t get more for raiding a higher level player.  This would virtually ensure that the high level player always wins against any number of opponents , as that player will easily get 100% on every base, gets an equal amount of total attacks, gets equal base skulls per attack, and can wear skull gear while doing so.

As a level 80 player in conquest who is usually lower than my opponents, I can assure you that I do not have an advantage because of my low level.