How to see the replays of our defenses ?

I would like to improve my defenses but i don’t know what’s wrong with them and I don’t find the replays…

It is not possible to see the replay of the opponent that attack your base… but you can ask to someone to record when attack your defence so you can do an idea on what’s wrong with it  :slight_smile:

there is no replays in the game, there is only attack history, where did you get the idea that you can watch replays. I suppose you could watch one of jasons videos. chances are he’ll probably raid you at some point. :slight_smile:

There are no “replays” but there is an attack history

…right…and excuse me roucool but this argument has been discussed a lot of times, please, seek for those topics using the “search” field, really no need to open another… :grinning: