How to spend 1k achievement reward gems smart?

Hi there,

I recently completed the win diamond league 10 times achievement that is rewarded with 1k gems.

Now my question is for what should I spend those and when?

I currently have 5 workers, 3 troop/spell slots.

Is it a good choice to use them for a 90% reduced spell package containing max sonic blast, heal 10 and bladestorm 7 for 1.5k gems?

The 90% off compared to regular gem upgrade costs seems decent and the 10days + 10m for sonic blast alone would otherwise be very hard to earn or require a gold shield as well…

Though it seems a bit like a waste spending that many gems (especially as those 1k achievement gems are not yet accepted and hence don’t prevent any package offers) for upgrading spells as those - with enough time and effort - could be upgraded without (many) gems, too.

Thanks in advance for any helpful replies! :slight_smile:

I’d blow it on Granny trash :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t blow it on anything you can’t get naturally. The only thing I struggle with is higher items for hero, so granny is a good option but make sure you get a good deal, don’t take just any upgrade get one that will last you a while.


From a personal perspective I have never had a 7 day gold shield and I want one so… I’ll probably go there when the time comes.


Also bear in mind the new update might bring some use to it, so hang on to it for a while.

I will take the offer asap… :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the replies so far! :slight_smile:


True. Though, I guess I’d have to buy a 3-day gold shield rather than just a 1-day one, which would then cost me rather 200 gems or so, if I remember correctly…


Still not sure what to do…


But probably I’ll just leave that one for now, as the package offer probably will appear again in the future, so I don’t miss a unique offer here and a decent new weapon might be harder to get… also thx weebo for pointing out the clan update, definitely want to have a few gems left when that comes out! :slight_smile:



For what it is worth I was able to get the 10M for Sonic Blast on a single day gold shield.  Actually looking back I might have even been able to pull it off with the 3 hour free one if I had been willing to sit down and watch a movie while fiddling with my mouse every few minutes to keep the game from going idle.  It took the better part of a Saturday where I focused strictly on raids where I could get the most gold.  (This is one area where being a Windows player can help – if you have a second monitor you can keep a massive list of anyone you have ever raided who gave you better than average gold)

I spent that 1k gems for 10 diamond league win on granny sales.Still using the same gear till now haha


Never buy spell/troop upgrade with gems , I usually go for workers package (1 worker , full chamber and 3 days shield) this will get you 12m gold initially then using the 3days shield you can get up to 30m more plus one more worker always help


Definitely… somewhen I used to screenshot bases that were worth to be remembered, but on a smartphone, you just can’t efficiently keep track of those bases in a comfortable way. :wink:


Also thanks for the hint at the gold package!

2 many gems and dont know what to spend them on ahahahaha

I love it!

Those are the kind of problems 2 have.

Granny sale back on today. She has some ideas for your gems Im sure.

Well it is not that I’d have too many gems!

Then I wouldn’t have to ask how to spend them wisely, as I could just buy it all :grinning:

And granny always has ideas for sure, though the offers are rarely worth the investment, that’s the problem with her! :wink:

Dont spend on spell or troop upgrade. I would suggest spend on workers and a 3 day gold shield is 180 and you can get that in tournaments. Also with 45 for 1day and 20 for 3 more hours and a 3 more hour free one, you can definitely get 10 mil. Start with around 2 million loot and apply the free one then the 1day so you only need 8mil more in next 30 hours if you consider another 3 hour with 20 gems.


Since you only have 5 workers you will enjoy having 8. You may not keep them busy all the time initially but later you will once the upgrades get longer and longer. 5 i believe is less. 


Wait till granny sale comes back with nice upgrades and then you will be happy.


Other than that you are smart enough to choose from what suits you best from the opinions people shared here.