How to start a good and strong alliance?

How to start a good and strong Alliance?

How to Start a good and strong alliance and make people to join it. How low level alliances can get good players and how they can grow faster. High donations are not possible for low level players. How they can grow their alliance as soon as possible. Just have some tips you know. Post it here so that it may help some low level alliances to grow up.

You will have to look for players who are loyal, have a good donation rate and ammount and that are active. Right now, they are not much players in mid-low levels that fit that description. 

I honestly would suggest you to find an alliance to join. There are plenty of alliance that are looking for active players. Starting from scratch isn’t a good solution right now. On a bonus side, a fully grown alliance will already have pal beast, boosts and such. You will get much more advantage than creating your own. 

But if you still want to create your own, good luck. It’s a lot of work and it’s can be sometime frustrating to manage an alliance, trust me on this.

It shouldn’t be impossible to make a new alliance, but that’s apparently the way that flare wants it to be :slightly_frowning_face: . To your comment, Aditya, it’s not at all impossible for low level players to have high donations. If you play on a mobile device you should have Tapjoy automatically downloaded. You can get loads of gems and get up to fairly high donations (150k-250k) in no time!

It’s waste time to build an alliance now. Low level players should join low level alliance and high level players should join high level alliance. After a few months, some players will quit the game so that weak alliances should merge together.

Absolutly agree

Asked flare to give options of donation’s

So that Leader offer , some gems , pearls to the members , for joining

Or may be show us the activeness in % of the every alliances/players

Sorry to say, but you are 2 years too late. Level up and join an existing one.

2 years too late men. Sorry. RR2 is too much in bad shape to do it anymore. People must stop creating new one and join already existing one

Ah, we’ve never thought of the  bribe  feature before. That’s very interesting :lol: :lol: 

I just want to be a leader. I know that the condition of this game is worst. It will be uninstalled in some years from every device. Flare must do something so that more people get attracted to this game. Till, then, let us enjoy being a leader.

Go for it! But, don’t blame us if you don’t get anybody in your alliance

I know how to get members. I have reached alliance level 23 in a month. Now, I am helping other alliances to get good and active members.


3 years too late.

Nah, 2 years is probably more correct, cause most alliance have been around for that long. Probably only the top 75, maybe even 50, have been around for 3 years

It’s exactly 2 years, 5 months, 2 weeks, 4 days, 6 hours and 25 seconds too late.

Trust me, I did the math.

Make it easy on yourself and join a good alliance.
If you are loyal and help make that alliance grow, there is a big chance you’ll become a general there.

And generals have the same set of tools to manage the alliance just as the leader (except for kicking and demoting generals).