How to start an Alliance war

Im the leader of my group. I have over 10 active members. When i click on the shield and scroll over to the Alliance wars section, the button

says Conditions.  I click it and it shows the Season Rewards and the timer until the war ends. How do i start a war?

You need to have at least 8 active players at the start of war season.

You should declare the war to other alliance fiefdoms. On the war maps, press/click “Declare” button, then choose which alliance you want to fight/war with.

After that your alliance can join war by press/clicked fiefdoms that pointed by red/green arrow.

You can only declare in the war when war duration still more than 23 hours 30 minutes. Less than that every alliance can’t declare new war.


Please visit this website to know more about it:


He doesn’t see the war map, just the conditions.

That means he wasn’t qualified to join the war which happens automatically when having 8 active members at the start of the season.

Just insult the others non stop and beat them and make them lose their temper.  A war should start  (a joke)

be more serious lol I guess its because you don’t meet the requirement (8 players). However if really you have more than 8 player and don’t see the Wars. sound like a bug. Strange…  

you are sure you don’t see in top the red and blue flag who send you on the battlefield? Not in Alliance section but on middle of your Kingdom

Edit : of course all depend you have got all your members during the Wars. This way you cannot start the War only the next one. You must got the 8 players before the Wars Season start :grinning:

You’re right, I just read this topic title and his 1st and 2nd sentence before replying. I guess he got 10 members during war season so he can’t join current war. He can join next war automatically if he can maintain his current members.



@Moonze As Stay0Puft said, You should have at least 8 members before war season started to join war.

Thanks for the joke. Found it funny as i like to make fun of others all the time  :slight_smile:

Anyways, No, i dont see a flag in the middle of the Kingdom. I scrolled up and down, and nothing. I had 9 members at the start of the Wars, im up to 12 members now. 

But its the end of the wars soon so i will check when the wars start again. Thanks for the help.

Were they all active or did some have an “inactive” label next to their usernames?